Unlock codes for a HTC Desire S

We show you how to get an Unlock Code for a HTC Desire S Mobile Phone. The HTC Desire S is the evolved version of one of the most popular models to come from the HTC manufacturers, the HTC Desire. The Desire S boasts all the same amazing features as the original, but all with that added oomph. The sleek design got sleeker and more stylish, being crafted from a single piece of aluminium, the fast browsing capabilities got even faster thanks to a superfast 1GHz processor. And the HD recording and photo capabilities are now thanks to an even higher quality camera.

When the switching networks. Many people wish to retain their Desire S

So it comes as no surprise that people want to upgrade to the Desire S, be it from the original Desire handset or a completely different phone. And they don’t want to have to wait for contracts to end, or in some cases done want to let go of their Desire S when they choose to change network service providers. And the good news is it has never been easier and simpler to unlock your HTC Desire S. Simple follow this guide to gaining your unlock code and unlocking your Desire S, and it will be restriction free in no time at all. So we will now show you where to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Desire S.

where to find an Unlock codes for a HTC Desire S
where to find an Unlock codes for a HTC Desire S

Network operators lock the phones in order to force your loyalty

So as mentioned earlier, you need a thing called an unlock code (for a HTC desire S). This code is created by the manufacturer, HTC in this case, to remove the restrictions placed on the phone. These restrictions were placed on the phone in the first place at the request of the network to prevent you from switching network service provider.

Ordering an unlock code from unlock.my will give you peace of mind

This unlock code can be obtained in a number of ways. The easiest and probably safest way is to go through your network service provider, who will in some cases offer it for free, but not always. Sometimes they may charge up to £20 in ‘admin fees’ for the privilege. If you don’t want to pay the admin fees, there are plenty of websites and independent cell phone retailers that can offer the unlock code for a lesser fee, but do be careful when finding a cheaper source, as they can easily send you the wrong code but still charge you for it. Then you end up out of pocket and your phone is still not unlocked.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to unlock your Desire S

Once you have obtained the unlock code for you HTC Desire S, you then need to insert a sim card that is not provided by your usual network service provider and is not at the moment accepted by the phone. Then switch the handset back on. A message similar to ‘enter unlock code’ should appear, and this is prompting you to enter the unlock code you earlier obtained. Be careful, as entering the wrong code three times will permanently lock the phone.

Unlocking is as simple as entering digits on the keypad

Once the code has been entered, return to the home screen and go to the main menu, then go to ‘access APN settings’. There will be a a list of preset APN settings, and you should select the ‘new APN’ option. A ‘new APN setting’ screen should be brought up, and you will need to enter the ‘mobile country code’ (MCC) and the Mobile Network Code (MNC). If you do not already have these codes to hand, simply type your phone make and model, the network you purchased it on and the country you purchased it from into a search engine, and you will find the codes needed. Once these codes have been entered your phone is now unlocked, and should accept any sim card. If there are any issues, please contact your network service provider. We have now shown you where you can get Unlock codes for a HTC Desire S, if you have any queries please contact us on our help desk.