Unlock Codes for a HTC Desire S

How to Unlock Codes for a HTC Desire S
How to Unlock Codes for a HTC Desire S


Obtaining HTC Desire S unlock codes is not the complicated affair that you might imagine, it’s actually pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any specialist or technical knowledge. Don’t be put off by sites that tell you that you must ‘root’ or ‘jailbreak’ a cell in order to enter unlock codes, this is not the case as these techniques are used for installing additional software or removing carrier branding from a mobile, rather than unlocking it. So read on and we will show you how to How to Unlock Codes for a HTC Desire S.

Removing a SIM lock just means that you are enabling a cell to take any SIM on any GSM network in the world, so that your phone can be used wherever you are. As many of us know, roaming charges when traveling abroad can be very costly and as such, it makes sense to use a local SIM when you are out of the country.

This isn’t the only reason you may want to have an unlocked HTC Desire S though, unlocking also increases the value of your handset, sometimes by as much as 300%, so it’s useful to spend a little (around €5-20) before putting it up for sale.

There are a few ways you can find HTC Desire S unlock codes:

  • Ask your carrier to provide you with a cell unlock code; this is probably your most expensive, but safest, route. However, not all carriers will be forthcoming, especially if you’re on a contract that’s less than six months old.
  • Hit the online mobile unlocking forums – this is risky if you get the wrong code so only accept codes from someone that has an exceptional reputation and never repeatedly input a code into your phone, if it doesn’t work first time, abandon the idea.
  • Use a professional remote unlocking service – this is the recommended route you should take if you have little or no technical knowledge and are on a budget.

Reputable online cell unlock code providers are not hard to find, whilst decent free unlock codes are. If you choose to go with the former, then it’s a good idea to do a little research into the various services available first in order to make sure that your supplier can be trusted. The following tips will help you to find a good unlock code supplier:

  1. Check out suppliers on eBay, this is a great resource for discovering what experiences previous customers have had with a company
  2. Discard any supplier that asks you to call a number to retrieve your unlock code – these are usually premium rate numbers that will prove costly.
  3. Look for transparent contact details, there should be a phone number you can call to check them out, a privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Once you have settled on an unlock code provider, it’s then just a simple case of supplying them with your phone’s IMEI number (type *#06# into your cell and a 15-17 digit number will be displayed on screen, this is your IMEI), your country and network and then pay the fee.

You will then receive your HTC Desire S unlock code via email or on-screen along with simple instructions that enable you to unlock your cell.


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