Unlock codes for a HTC Desire : [no knowledge needed]

Here we will tell you how to get a Unlock codes for a HTC Desire and where to get an unlocking called from. The HTC Desire is one of the most popular models to come from the HTC manufacturers. It boasts a sleek design for the style conscious phone user, and fast browsing capabilities thanks to a superfast 1GHz processor. And the HD recording and photo capabilities from the quality camera, and a front facing camera for video calling, what more could you want from a phone?!

HTC desire is a very popular full so people wish to hang onto it when they switched networks

where to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Desire
where to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Desire

So it comes as no surprise that the HTC Desire is a sought after phone, and people aren’t wanting to compromise or let go of it when they change network service providers or contracts end. But it has never been easier to unlock your HTC Desire, with this step by step guide.

The first thing you need to have is an unlock code. This code is created by the manufacturer, HTC in this case, to remove the restrictions placed on the phone to prevent you from switching network service provider.

Don’t approach your network operator for an unlocking codes as it would cost you a lot of money

This unlock code can be gained through a number of ways.

Using your HTC unlocking called is really very straightforward

Once you have obtained the unlock code for you HTC Desire, you then need to insert a sim card that is not provided by your usual network service provider and is not at the moment accepted by the phone. Then switch the handset back on. A message similar to ‘enter unlock code’ should appear, and this is prompting you to enter the unlock code you earlier obtained. Be careful, as entering the wrong code three times will permanently lock the phone.

Pay particular attention to the APN settings

Once the code has been entered, return to the home screen and go to the main menu, then go to ‘access APN settings’. There will be a a list of preset APN settings, and you should select the ‘new APN’ option. A ‘new APN setting’ screen should be brought up, and you will need to enter the ‘mobile country code’ (MCC) and the Mobile Network Code (MNC). If you do not already have these codes to hand, simply type your phone make and model, the network you purchased it on and the country you purchased it from into a search engine, and you will find the codes needed. Once these codes have been entered your phone is now unlocked, and should accept any sim card. If there are any issues, please contact your network service provider.

Choose unlock.my as your course provider because we only provide authorised calls from your handset manufacturer

Launched around three years ago, the HTC Desire is the first smartphone in the Desire series which utilises the Android operating system. Since the release of the first Desire model HTC have gone from strength to strength.  With models such as the HTC Desire SV which comes with a dual SIM should you want to keep your work and personal life separate and the sleek and stylish looking Desire X which has built in Beats Audio and a first rate camera.

If you are considering unlocking your HTC desire the good news is it’s as straight forward as using the camera. All you really need to know is which site to go through top ensure it’s done properly, and since you’re here, you’ve already nailed that. We unlock mobile every day and have the unlocking codes you need.


If you’re currently tied to one network and you have had enough then no one can blame you for wanting to change providers. Often a different provider can give you a more favourable rate. If that is the case then now might be just the time to take the few minutes required to unlock your phone.

Or it may just be a case that you have moved home and you’re now stuck with only one bar, getting 100 text messages at the same time every time you go out for the day and having to rely on Facebook as no one can reach you on your phone.

Well, if this is the case and you’re now stuck feeling like you’ve lost all contact with the outside world, there’s no need to panic and resort to smoke signals just yet. All you have to do is follow our lead and your phone will be unlocked before you can say “why does no one text me anymore”

  • (1) The first thing to do is to switch your HTC on and type in the following series of digits. *#06# – Once you have entered these a series of digits should appear on your screen, as if by magic. This is called the IMEI number, and that is what you need, that and a little assistance from us.
  • (2) Make a note of the IMEI number and forward it to us, along with your e-mail address and the make and model of your HTC phone. In this case the Desire and which model.
  • (3) Once we receive this we will instruct you on how exactly to proceed, and in no time you phone will be unlocked with all the advantages that go with it.

The advantages don’t end with changing providers. By taking these few steps your cell phone will be far easier to sell should you ever decide to, and for a better price. People who are planning on buying a pre-owned phone don’t want to bother going through this themselves (because they think it’s a lot harder than it actually is) and as such, are less likely to buy a phone if it isn’t unlocked.

You can also save a bucket load on international roaming should you take a well-deserved vacation. Just replace your SIM with a local pre-paid SIM and you don’t have to concern yourself with any big bills when you get home from your week in the sun. So that answers your question Unlock codes for a HTC Desire.


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    1. imei 356812040054262 htc with htc wow hd worked perfectly well done will use again. If I ever need to

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