Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Storm 2: [guide to]

In this post we explore how to get an Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Storm 2, we look at the common pitfalls when buying a called online, what to do which are called once you get it and how to troubleshoot any problems which may occur during the unlocking process. The Storm 2 is has tackled the issues of its predecessor and had come back with a new and updated version of the original touch screen device from the ever more popular Blackberry. It boasts an impressive crisp touch screen, high quality camera, sleek design, and added connectivity capabilities. It also carries the promise of upgraded performance, a modified user interface, improved operating system to make up for what the original version lacked in.
BlackBerry storm 2 unlocking calls

The BlackBerry Storm 2 has been a significant success for RIM

So it’s not surprising, with the new improvements on the original Blackberry Storm that people are desperate to get upgrade to the Blackberry Storm 2 well before their contract has come to an end. And getting the newest and improved version of the Storm on any network couldn’t be easier with the just an unlock code and some simple unlocking instructions needed to set you on your way.

Be careful buying an unlock code online. Make sure to buy from a reputable established provider such as unlock.my

First of all you will need to obtain an unlock code for the Storm 2 handset. The easiest and safest way to get your hands on the unlock code is to contact your network service provider, who in most cases will offer the code at no cost. However, in some cases they may request an admin fee of up to £20 for the unlock code. If you aren’t willing to pay this admin fee then there are some other ways to get the unlock code. But be very careful which source you choose.  Many websites and independent mobile repairers will offer an array cell phone unlocking services, but it is important that you are sure the source is reliable. Do some digging on the website or repairer/retailer and make previous customers were 100% happy with the results of their service, and be sure a money back guarantee is offered if anything should go wrong.

If the code you find online is cheap, this should set off alarm bells as it may be a fake code which will end up damaging your phone

Once you have your unlock code, it is time to unlock your Blackberry Storm 2 handset! To do this, first insert an unaccepted sim card into the device, and go to the ‘Manage Connections’ menu, often found in the ‘Settings menu’ of Blackberry devices. Select ‘Turn All Connections Off’. Then go to the ‘Options’ menu and select ‘Advanced Options’. Then select ‘SIM Card’.

Make sure to follow the step-by-step guide when you set out to unlock your Blackberry 2

So once you have your Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Storm 2 here is how to use it. Then hold the phone at a horizontal angle and press the Blackberry menu button and select ‘Show Keyboard’. Type ‘MEPD’. The letters will not show on screen, but should pull up a personalization screen, which will show 5 locks such as network, service provider, etc. Type ‘MEP2′. This should prompt you to input the unlock code and confirm. Once entered you should be shown a message similar to ‘Code Accepted’. Then reboot the handset by removing and replacing the battery pack, and when the device is fully rebooted go to the ‘Manage Connections’ menu, and select ‘Restore Connections’. The device should now be unlocked. If there are any issues please contact your unlock code source or network service provider.

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