Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Curve: ingenious tactics

It’s easy to find a plethora of services to unlock your Blackberry curve and there are a few routes you can take in order to obtain an unlock code. Using an online service, it’s possible to unlock Blackberry Curve handsets even if the device is still on a contract or is a work phone.

Whilst you can call your carrier and just ask them for an unlock code, depending on where in the world you’re located, they may be unwilling to give it to you. This is purely because your carrier wants to keep your business, there is no legal reason that you have to remain locked into a network and mobile unlocking is completely legal, as opposed to mobile unblocking.

A blocked mobile phone is one that has been reported lost or stolen at some point in its life or has an unpaid contract that it’s still tied to. When the phone is reported, it’s placed on a central blacklist designed to fight phone fraud; if you have recently bought a second-hand Blackberry Curve, you can check to see if it’s blacklisted on CheckMend (some services for UK users only) or another online service.

A SIM lock is the one imposed by your carrier and this is carried out when the phone is manufactured. Network providers say that this is so they can recoup the cost of subsidised handsets that they provide on contract. Whilst many providers won’t supply you with an unlock code if your handset is less than 12 months old on contract, this isn’t the case with online mobile unlocking services.

Another option you have is to find a local unlock code supplier in your area; however, these often don’t work with the latest handsets as stores tend to use cables and software to perform unlocking and these are not as reliable as unlock codes generated by a server, a practice many online suppliers use.

Before you settle on an online unlock code provider, carry out some checks by reading up on forums and review sites and ensure that the service you use has transparent contact details as well as offering a full guarantee. Also check that they don’t use premium line numbers as this can end up making the process very costly for you. Once you have done this, and are satisfied that you’re dealing with a reputable company, provide the company with your IMEI number, country and carrier and once you receive your code, perform the following steps.

  1. Ensure a SIM Card is inserted
  2. Go to ‘Manage Connections’ > ‘Turn All Connections Off’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Device’ > ‘Advanced System Settings’ > ‘SIM Card’
  3. Type ‘MEPD’ (NOTE: you might need to type in caps, also letters will not appear on-screen but you will be presented with personalization screen, that will display 5 locks such as network, service provider etc.)
  4. Type ‘MEP2′ (make sure to hold ALT for 2) or hold ALT and type MEPE (NOTE: user will be prompted to enter MEP code)
  5. Enter the MEP2 code numbers only (CONFIRM you get “Code Accepted” message)
    • *If you also have a MEP4 code, type ‘MEP4′ (you will be prompted to enter MEP code)
    • Enter the MEP4 code (CONFIRM you get “Code Accepted” message)
  6. Reboot device by pulling battery out
  7. Go to ‘Manage Connections’
  8. Click on ‘Restore Connections’
  9. Device is now unlocked

If you have any trouble with the unlocking process then contact your supplier immediately, do not repeatedly enter an unlock code as this may result in your handset becoming hard locked, after which it will just be useful as a pretty ornament and nothing more.

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