Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Bold 2

If you are looking for an Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Bold 2 then read this article carefully. The Blackberry Bold 2 is one of the high end phones in Blackberry’s vast repertoire, and it shows with its top of the range design and features including a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and geo-tagging, plus 3G, Wifi and GPS capabilities. It also comes with a high quality media player, and microSD card slot to allow for extensive media storage so you don’t have to compromise where memory is concerned, rivalling the IPhone’s built in memory.  This makes the Blackberry Bold 2 one of Blackberry’s most popular offerings yet, and a definite contender for the IPhone and Androids on the smartphone market.

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Why stay with a network if there reception sucks?

So you can hardly blame people with Blackberry’s growing popularity and the Bold’s attractive qualities for wanting to upgrade to the Bold well before contracts are up. And that is where cell phone unlocking comes in. It has never been easier to unlock your Blackberry with the use of an unlock code.

An unlock code can be obtained in an easy and safe way through your network service provider, and if you have been with the network for a long time they will often offer the code for free. However, in some cases they may charge an admin fee of up to £20. If you do not want to pay the admin fee they are asking, there are various other ways to obtain the code. Websites and independent mobile phone repairers will often offer a range of cell phone unlocking services, but beware of the risks. Be sure to research the source of the unlock code to make sure they offer a money back guarantee if anything should go wrong, and make sure they are not operating a scam.

Roaming charges can drastically increase your base mobile phone bill every month.

Once you have obtained your unlock code, simply follow the instructions provided in this article to easily unlock your Blackberry Bold in a matter of minutes.

So how to I activate my Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Bold 2? Firstly insert an unaccepted sim card, i.e. one that is not from your current service provider. Then go into the ‘Settings’ menu and open the ‘Manage Connections’ menu. In this menu select ‘Turn All Connections Off’. Then go to the ‘Options’ menu and select the ‘Advanced Options’ menu. Select ‘SIM Card’. On this page type ‘MEPD’. The letters will not show up on the screen, but a personalization screen will appear, and that will display 5 locks such as network, service provider etc.

With an unlocked mobile phone you can change carriers without buying a new phone.

Then type ‘MEP2′, which will prompt you to enter the unlock code you earlier obtained. Enter the unlock code and select ‘Confirm’, which should bring up a message similar to ‘Code Accepted’. Then reboot the device by removing the battery, and replacing then replacing it and switching back on the handset. Once the device has fully rebooted, go to ‘Manage Connections’ and select ‘Restore Connections’. The device should now be unlocked. If there are any issues please contact your code source or network service provider. This is essential if you want your Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Bold 2 to work correctly.

You are in complete control of your mobile phone!