Unlock codes for a BlackBerry 8520 Curve: Easy peasy

Getting an unlocking code for your BlackBerry 8520 Curve is not that difficult, making sure you get the right information from the phone to order the code is. We hold you hand through the process.  Blackberry 8520 unlock codes can be done by anyone with access to an internet connection and sometimes, you don’t even need that much. This will depend on whether you’re willing and eligible to call your network provider or if you have a store in your area that will carry out mobile unlocking for you.

What will an Unlocking Code do for me?

When you enter an unlock code into a SIM locked mobile phone, it enables you to use your phone anywhere in the world on all GSM networks. SIM locks are imposed on cells in order to restrict the device for use with one carrier only. It’s completely legal to get an unlock code for your cell, if fact in some countries, it’s actually illegal to lock devices to one network altogether.

The safest way to get an unlock code for your Blackberry Curve is to call your carrier; these vary as to how willing they are to give out an unlock code and costs are highly than if you were to use an online mobile unlocking service.

Don’t choose the first unlocking provider that you come acrossor

blackberry curve unlock codes

To find an online cell unlock code provider, first carry out a little research into the services available. As stated earlier, there may be an independent mobile repair shop in your area, so it’s worth looking around as many of these do provide a mobile unlocking service.

Make sure to choose a reliable, trustworthy, supplier who only offers calls from blackberry, for example unlock.my

However, when looking online, be sure to choose a service that has a good reputation; you can look into this via mobile unlock forums or by checking out eBay for unlock code suppliers as here you will be able to look at feedback from previous customers.

Only choose a provider, who will offer you with technical support should you need it

Once you have decided on a service, find your IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your keypad and a 15-17 digit number will be displayed onscreen. Make sure you write this down correctly and double-check, as a wrong IMEI will result in an incorrect code which if inputted repeatedly could leave your phone hard locked and unusable. Then give your supplier this number, along with your country and network.

Once you have done this, follow these unlock instructions exactly:

  1. Insert an unapproved SIM card into your BlackBerry 8520 curve, it doesn’t have to be an active SIM, just a different network.
  2. Turn off all connections (WIFI and Radio signal), Go to “Manage Connections” > “Turn All Connections Off”
  3. Go to “Options” (or “Settings” > “Options”) and select “Advanced Options”
  4. From the “Advanced Options” menu select “SIM Card” selection.
  5. On the SIM Card screen type “MEPD” (you will not see what you are typing).
  6. Then, type“MEP2” (“MEP4” for some networks). hold the “ALT” key for the number while typing it like this: MEP-hold ALT-2. (it will not show on screen)
  7. Now enter your unlock code which you have received from you supplier, this should show on the screen as you enter it and remember that all codes are case sensitive if it has any letters – when you have inputted this, press enter – if it doesn’t show on screen repeat the steps above until it does.
  8.  You will see a message: “Code Accepted”
  9. Restart your BlackBerry 8520 curve, turn the connections back on and it’s as simple as that, you now have an unlocked Blackberry Curve!

How to unlock your BlackBerry 8520 Curve

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