Unlock codes for a BlackBerry 8100g Perl

If you are looking for Unlock codes for a BlackBerry 8100g Perl then read on, we will detail how to get one and how to use it. The BlackBerry 8100g Perl is a version of the Blackberry Pearl smartphone. Its features include a colour changing trackball which can be personalised by the user, and half QWERTY keyboard which encompasses the positioning of letters in the QWERTY style but with only 20 keys. It also has a media player and quality camera, as well as coming at a reasonable price, making this an ideal Blackberry handset for those on a budget.

It allows you to change network provider.

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Unlock codes for Blackberry 8100g Perl

So you can hardly blame people, Blackberry’s growing popularity for wanting to upgrade and get the newest Blackberry handset well before contracts are up. And that is where cell phone unlocking comes in. It has never been easier to unlock your Blackberry with the use of an unlock code.

Sadly, much of the misinformation is coming from carrier customer service and sales representatives.

An unlock code can be obtained in an easy and safe way through your network service provider, and if you have been with the network for a long time they will often offer the code for free. However, in some cases they may charge an admin fee of up to £200. If you do not want to pay the admin fee they are asking, there are various other ways to obtain the code. Websites and independent mobile phone repairers will often offer a range of cell phone unlocking services, but beware of the risks. Be sure to research the source of the unlock code to make sure they offer a money back guarantee if anything should go wrong, and make sure they are not operating a scam.

It is not a “world” phone and cannot be used overseas on a GSM network.

Once you have obtained your unlock code, simply follow the instructions provided in this article to easily unlock your Blackberry in a matter of minutes.

First things first, insert an unaccepted sim card into your Blackberry, i.e. one that is not provided by the network service provider that the handset is locked to. Then switch your phone back on and press the BlackBerry button (the button with the Blackberry symbol printed on it). Go to the ‘options’, then to ‘advanced options’ and then to ‘SIM card’. Press the letters MEPPD on your key pad (only press each button once for each letter).

Freedom from onerous carrier charges by unlocking your cell phone

The phone should show that network locking is active. Then press MEPP on your keypad, and then hold the ALT key whilst pressing the key for 2. Then enter the unlock code you were given and press the trackball to send the unlock code. Your Blackberry should be unlocked! If there are any issues please contact your network service provider or the source for your unlock code.