Unlock Codes For An HTC Vision (Solved)

The HTC Vision smartphone, otherwise known as the HTC Desire Z runs on the Android operating system, and has many similarities to the original HTC Desire. But the great thing about the Desire Z/Vision is the full slide-out QWERTY keyboard in addition to the large quality touch screen display, allowing for the best of both worlds without sacrificing sleek design and screen size.

Unlock Codes For An HTC Desire S (Solved)

Obtaining HTC Desire S unlock codes is not the complicated affair that you might imagine, it’s actually pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any specialist or technical knowledge. Don’t be put off by sites that tell you that you must ‘root’ or ‘jailbreak’ a cell in order to enter unlock codes, this is not the case as these techniques are used for installing additional software or removing carrier branding from a mobile, rather than unlocking it.