Restriction Code for Nokia (What Is It & Where To Get)

Nokia cells have been popular devices ever since mobile phones first became popular back in the nineties.

The Finnish phone company has a strong history of manufacturing good, hardy phones and as such, they have remained a hit with consumers and continue to provide a range of best-selling devices.

This popularity has meant that many people don’t want to be tied to one network and as such, unlock codes for Nokia phones are prevalent. It’s generally easy to obtain cell phone unlock codes and for Nokia, it’s even easier than most.

Historically, Nokia has always been one of the simplest devices to carry out unlocking on and as such, there is a range of solutions and prices available.

So, what is a Nokia restriction code?

A Nokia restriction code is simply a code that you input into the phone in order to remove the SIM lock that has been put onto the cell by your provider.

Mobile networks do this in order to keep your business, when you buy a handset, the network provides it at a subsidized rate in order to obtain your business in the first place.

Devices are locked so that you’re unable to use the phone with any other network, which can be irritating when you want to use your phone abroad, after the contract has expired, or on a PAYG phone.

You can obtain cell phone unlock codes from your carrier, but this is the most expensive and time-consuming way to go about it.

Getting unlock codes for Nokia phones is easy and 100% legal, as it is with unlocking every phone – many people think that unlock codes are illegal but this is absolutely not the case.

In fact, in some countries, it’s illegal for cell phone companies to impose a SIM lock at all.

How do I get a Nokia unlock code?

There are a few routes you can take in order to do this.

Firstly, as mentioned above, you can ask your network provider to give you the Nokia restriction code; however, the below options are also available.

  • Download Nokia restriction code software – there are a number of resources online which allow you to download software which generates unlock codes. These can be paid or free and it’s useful to do a little research first to see what others are saying about the software.
  • Visit unlock forums – this is generally free and requires you to send other forum users the IMEI number of your phone, the country and network it’s locked to. Forums are a great resource for other cell issues such as removing the splash screen software from your device and so on. The xda developers community is also a useful resource.
  • Use a paid service – there are a huge amount of these to be found on the internet and as such, it’s worth researching first. These again require you to send cell details before they can provide cell phone unlock codes.

It’s really that simple to obtain a Nokia restriction code – to find your IMEI, look under the battery or type *#06# into your device.

Warning: If using downloaded software, do not input unlock codes more than three times into the device as this could render your phone useless. If the cell phone unlock codes don’t work the first two times, seek advice from an unlock specialist either on forums or through a professional service.


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