Palm Pre Plus unlock code: behind the scenes

Looking for a Palm Pre Plus unlock code? The Palm Pre Plus is the re-release and updated version of the original Palm Pre handset. It boasts the best of both worlds with a slide down keyboard and 3.1” touch screen high resolution display. It has 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and micro-USB connectivity capabilities, and a basic 3 mega pixel camera with flash.  The Palm Pre Plus Palm now runs on the new webOS software, to make up for what the Palm OS software on the original Palm Pre lacked. The webOS allows for more multi tasking and wireless synchronization with a broad variety online services like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, and Microsoft Exchange. It also includes a webOS app store with hundreds of apps to enjoy and explore.

How to get a Palm Pre Plus unlock code
How to get a Palm Pre Plus unlock code

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So it comes as no surprise that people want to get their hands on the new and improved version of the Palm Pre unlock code on their network, and often before contracts have ended. And it couldn’t be easier with the simple use of a network unlock code and some easy to follow mobile unlocking instructions.

Unlocked mobile phones are easier to sell and up to 300% more valuable than a locked one.

So first things first, you need to get your hands on the unlock code specially made for your handset. There are various ways to obtain this code, the easiest and safest being through the network service provider that the phone is locked to. Dependent on the provider, they may offer you the unlock code at no cost, but in some cases they may ask you to pay an admin fee, which can amount to up to £20. If this fee seems a little steep, you could always try an independent mobile unlocking service, which can be found on most high streets and mobile unlocking websites. They tend to charge a small fee for their services, but beware, as some do not carry a money back guarantee if the unlock code doesn’t work.

Once you have the unlock code for your Palm Pre Plus, you then need to use it.

To do this, insert ad unaccepted sim card into the phone, i.e. one that is not on the network that the phone is locked to. Turn the phone back on, and you should be prompted to input the ‘network unlock pin’ i.e. the unlock code you earlier obtained. Once the unlock code has been inputted, reboot the handset and your phone should now be unlocked! If there are any issues, contact the network service provider or the source of your unlock code.