Palm Pre Plus unlock code: behind the scenes

For many mobile phones, it’s possible to find an unlock code for free online but the Palm Pre Plus isn’t one of them. It’s never really a great idea to use free codes anyway as if something goes wrong and it’s the wrong unlock code, you can end up with a mobile that’s useless, except as a pretty paperweight.

In order to unlock Palm Pre Plus mobiles then, you will have to pay, either your network carrier or a mobile unlocking service. It’s possible to find a professional unlock code service in your local area as many independent mobile repair shops carry out this service; however, many of these are now disappearing from the high street as the recession continues to pinch.

Calling your carrier is the safest method of obtaining a Palm Pre Plus unlock code but not always the cheapest or easiest. Getting through to the right department can be a pain and once you have then you will find that you will have to pay around €30 in order for the network to release an unlock code.

Using a remote mobile unlocking service costs far less but if anything goes wrong then your cell’s warranty may be invalidated. However, if you use codes rather than software this is unlikely unless you use a disreputable dealer or make a mistake when providing the IMEI number.cell phone unlock

Ensure you carry out some research before you choose an unlock code provider; check forums and eBay feedback to sort the good from the bad and ensure that the service is provided remotely and not by phone.

Once you have chosen a supplier, find the IMEI number by entering *#06# into the keypad and a 15-17 digit number will appear onscreen; make 100% sure that you write down the number correctly and double check. This step is important as if you receive the wrong code then you lessen your opportunity for unlocking Palm Pre Plus mobiles as unlock codes can only be entered three times, after that the cell will be useless.

Once you have done this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on phone with unaccepted SIM card from a different network
    2. Phone will ask for network unlock pin (referring to the unlock code)
    3. Enter pin number once
    4. Phone states SOS only calls; if you attempt to make a call it will ask for the network unlock pin again. At this point no matter how many times you put in the pin, it will display incorrect pin error message.
    5. Reboot phone
    6. After reboot, it’s unlocked and won’t ask for the unlock code again

We recommend that you use codes rather than software which some companies will sell you with instructions on how to unlock cells with a cable and the software. This method works but isn’t the safe course of action as mobile unlocking software will alter the software on your cell, thereby invalidating the guarantee.

 Palm Pre Plus unlock code

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  1. I have a Palm Pre with IMIE number 012145000041219, Can you please provide the Network Unlock Code, Its At&T US Contract Phone

  2. i have a palm pre plus with IMEI 359958030412320 and i think the carrier is O2.. pleas help me unlock it coz im in the philippines.

    1. Done. please do send me the codes… it’s been almost a month since i got this phone and i never got the chance to use it

  3. I have a Palm Pre with IMIE number 012604001000947, Can you please provide the Network Unlock Code, Its At&T US Contract Phone

  4. i have a palm pre plus with IMEI number 012145000995679,please provide the Network Unlock Code, I think its a At&t, i’m from the philippines

  5. Hi… I have a Palm Pre and I want to unlock it, Please help me…

    Imei: 01176700037867003
    Carrier: Telcel
    Country: Mexico

  6. Hi….we hav a palm pre…’s a contract O2UK….IMEI ……35813902039654905……thanks

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