Network Unlock Codes, Restriction Codes, Subsidy Codes

In this post we tell you the difference between Network Unlock Codes, Restriction Codes, Subsidy Codes: and consider, are They All the Same? When you buy a mobile device bundled from a network, it is usually locked, meaning that it can only be used exclusively with that service provider.  In effect this means that you cannot insert a SIM card from other network or you cannot use your phone in another country.  Network providers make most of their revenue from the services you use, so they want to lock you into using their service network all through the contract period.  However, as you may have realised: being locked into one network can be expensive when other networks may offer better prices or services that match your needs better.

Unlocking the phone means you can use any network on the market

There are lots of advantages to unlocking your cell phone. These include enjoying cheaper rates, roaming capability anywhere in the world, better ability to communicate  with your friends and your cell phone will be worth more.  This is why consumers are interested in mobile unlocking.

It’s much cheaper to use a local SIM whilst traveling to call home, than use one sending a signal multiple ways around the world.

There are several options to unlock your cell such as asking for the network unlock codes from your provider, using software to unlock restriction codes, or using a third party person or shop to unlock subsidy codes to open your cell phone and make it “all network” SIM capable. But first you must find out what a Network Unlock Codes, Restriction Codes, Subsidy Code. The terminology, will differ depending on what make of phone you have.

It’s not surprising that people are often confused about unlocking, and they get lost among terms like network unlock codes, restrictions codes, and subsidy codes.  Some think they all mean the same thing.  There are actually important differences.

Cell Phone Network Unlock Code

Network unlock codes are a series of characters entered using the keypad that a allows your cell phone to be capable of recognizing different SIM cards for other networks.  These are entered into your mobile device as if you are making a phone call.  You just have to follow the instructions on how to enter the unlock code properly and the mobile phone will then be able to recognize different SIM cards from other networks.

Cell Phone Restriction Codes

Restriction codes have a similar function as the network unlock code. Some believe there is no difference.  However, restriction codes are installed by the phone manufacturer and not the mobile service provider.  They lock the phone instead of locking you into a network SIM.  You may have to have the restriction code to be able to successfully unlock a phone as well as the service provider unlock code.

Cell Phone Subsidy Codes

Depending on the model and age of your mobile phone, subsidy codes are a combination of 8 to 16 keypad characters that exclusively locks the unit to a provider.  Subsidy codes are used in newer phone models.  Sometimes the unlock code can also be your subsidy code and cell phone unlock code. Third party phone shops can use it to create new codes to access outside networks.  On the other hand, network unlock codes can be also utilized to reconfigure subsidy codes to be entered into cell phones.

Simple, isn’t it?