iOS7 Review (A Bit Of A Mongrel?)

I never thought I would do an iOS7 review but…

This is my fourth iPhone and I have been a fan of Apple since the early days of the mac in the 80s.

But like any long-term relationship, some things have started to annoy me, things which in the past I was happy to ignore because of the overall beauty and function of the relationship.

But along comes iOS7 and I feel a bit like my partner has had Botox and is trying to dress in clothes similar to the younger woman down the road.

What she doesn’t realize is that I love her the way she is. Indeed, that is why I love her; it’s because of who she is.

Development for the sake of it

This analogy lends itself to the new ios7.

First off, it’s very buggy, doesn’t like Skype and like all aging beauties, it’s temperamental. I have had my hands on the iOS7 on my iPhone 5 for several days now.

I am sure these are transient issues that will be overcome in the final release. But come on Apple, you can do better. (Can’t you!)

However, looking at the bigger picture I fell a little tepid about the whole experience.

After years of design innovation, pioneering the whole look of the smartphone, why have Apple decided to make their OS look like a poor cousin of Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Other aspects seem to have borrowed heavily from Android. Which results in a bit of a mongrel, not an iPhone, but not a Windows or Android phone either.

With many Android-style features in the new pull-up menu on the home screen, You can now swipe up to turn on/off WIFI, blue tooth, in an Android fashion.

The font, light tone graphics, and subtle on/off shading make detail difficulty to see in poor light, especially for aging lovers like me.

A waste land of while space, we review the iOS7

In summary I like the Newsstand feature, the inbuilt torch, the screen transition action, the new compass interface, and mail interface.

Although one feature which still annoys me is the fact that there is no bulk delete feature in the mail application, it’s still message by message deletion. The pseudo windows interface and menu movement have a nice feel.

But, the settings menu is a bit of a waste land of while space.

It reminds me of the New Coke launch many years, for the first time Apple may be listening to focus groups and just have designed a bit of a mongrel.

So it sounds like change just for the sake of change to keep the financial markets assured of progress.

But in the words of Billy Joel, I can sing to my old iPhone “I love you just the way you are.”

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