How to unlock the HTC Wildfire S: [for the non-technical]

There are a few reasons you may want to unlock your HTC Wildfire S; it may be to change carriers on a PAYG phone, or perhaps your contract is up and you want to keep the handset and put it on another network, or perhaps you are going abroad and don’t want to pay outrageous roaming charges.

Whatever your reasons, it’s a simple affair to have your HTC Wildfire S unlocked, even without any technical knowledge, and you a variety of options.

Firstly, although there are plenty of options to have your HTC phone unlocked for free online, this is not a recommended route to take. For a start, if you’re not the technically minded type, then you could find yourself with a ‘bricked’ phone which has no use beyond the ornamental.

Don’t use a free service because they can end up rendering your wildfire unusable

We’re not saying that this happens every time, but it’s certainly a risk you take by using forums or a free service as you don’t have any guarantees. Unlock phone services are not so expensive that you have to go down this route, so it’s better not to – there are a huge amount of reputable unlock phone services available online which will be able to provide a guarantee and give support.HTC unlock code

Unlock HTC Wildfire S using one of the following options:

  • Use an independent mobile repair shop in your locality; these often offer unlocking services too and you have the luxury of speaking to a real person.
  • Try an online unlocking service; these are plentiful and affordable.
  • Call your carrier and ask for your phone’s unlock code – this tends to be an expensive and time consuming method as most networks would prefer to keep your business and the handset locked
  • Download an unlock app; again this is carried out at your own risk and it’s advisable to do a lot of reading if you are willing to take the chance of downloading a ‘dodgy’ app.

Whilst the first suggestion is ideal, it’s not always possible as more and more independent mobile shops disappear from the high street. However, there are plenty of online options and it’s advisable to carry out a few steps when considering a company.

You can trust because we only provide authorised calls from your handset manufacturer so you can be guaranteed that they work first time and won’t damage your phone or affect your warranty

  • Check out the company details and telephone number – this can’t do any harm and it’s even worth giving them a quick call to make sure they are genuine.
  • Read reviews – it’s definitely worth carrying out further research to check out a company’s reputation, it’s pays to ensure you are using a professional outfit who provide a guarantee.
  • Avoid companies who provide the unlock code for HTC Wildfire S via a premium rate number, this can become very costly, especially if the code doesn’t work.

I’ve decided on a company, what next?

Simple. Just send them your IMEI number, which can be found under the battery or by keying in *#How to unlock your HTC wildfire