How to unlock the HTC Thunderbolt

Unlocking the HTC Thunderbolt is a simple affair which can be carried out in minutes, without the need for any specialist software or cables. This can be done in a variety of ways and is completely legal, despite what many people think. Networks such as Orange and T-Mobile would rather keep your business and so don’t really want everyone thinking that unlock codes are 100% legal, but they are.

Reasons you may want to obtain a HTC Thunderbolt unlock code include:

  • You’re going abroad and would like to use a local SIM as roaming charges have a tendency to be ridiculously high.
  • You’ve come to the end of a contract and want to use a different SIM in the handset.
  • You purchased a PAYG device and now want to use it on a different network.

Whilst you can call up your carrier and ask them to provide you with a HTC Thunderbolt unlock code, this is often time consuming and expensive. Networks don’t want you moving to the competition and so are often less than helpful when it comes to providing an unlock code. This is also likely to cost you around €30, whilst online unlocking services start from as little as €3 and rarely cost over €20.

Options for unlocking HTC Thunderbird mobiles

  • Local independent phone repair shops are a great idea as they are not tied to any of the networks and often have an unlocking service. However, these are becoming increasingly difficult to find as the economic downturn has forced many out of unlock codes
  • Online forums and mobile advice sites usually have some people on them who will carry out unlocking for free. However, this isn’t recommended as you have no guarantees in the event of something going wrong.
  • Mobile unlocking apps are available from the Android store but these should be used with extreme caution as they can damage your cell.

It’s recommended that you find a good, reputable unlocking service online by carrying out plenty of research and asking around. It’s a good idea to avoid companies who provide a HTC Thunderbird unlock code via a telephone call (to them) as these are generally making money from a premium rate telephone line, rather than their mobile unlocking service, and can prove pricey.

Once you have found a good mobile unlocking service, you will have to carry out the following steps:

  • Find you IMEI number by typing *#06# into your handset and it will be displayed on screen
  • Enter this number, your network, cell model and country
  • Pay the fee

Voila! You should now be the proud owner of an unlocked HTC Thunderbolt. If the code doesn’t work the first time, then contact the company immediately do not attempt to repeatedly enter the cell phone unlock code as this can damage your device.