How to Unlock the HTC Inspire: in plain English

There are several reasons you may want to consider unlocking the HTC Inspire; perhaps you want to keep your handset following the expiration of a contract, or maybe you travel a lot and want to avoid expensive roaming charges.

Whatever your reasons, obtaining an unlock code for the HTC Inspire is a completely legal and straightforward matter that should take you minutes, once you have found a reputable supplier.

Unlocking HTC Inspire phones can be carried out using one of the following methods:

  • An online unlock code service is most likely your cheapest and easiest option – this requires a little research first to ensure that you are using a good service, which should take the form of reading online reviews and contacting the company.
  • Unlock forums and individuals are a lot riskier as you don’t have any guarantee that the unlock code will work and no recourse if your phone gets unlock code for HTC Inspire
  • Independent mobile repair shops are a good way to get your HTC Inspire unlocked but there are not as many around these days.
  • Calling your carrier direct and asking them for a HTC Inspire unlock code represents the most expensive unlock method and is often frustrating as you are passed around departments.
  • Downloading an application also carries a risk as these are often free and so give no guarantee and can damage your handset as they alter the installed software on your mobile.

Whilst any of these methods can be undertaken, it’s recommended that you find a good supplier online and use them. To do this, read plenty of reviews and pick a couple of sites that have good, independent testimonials.

Then call each of the services in person to ascertain that they are who they say there are and that they are a professional outfit. Avoid services that send you HTC Inspire unlock codes via a phone call to a premium rate number; these often end up costing a lot more than other unlock code suppliers who send the unlock code by text.

Once you have decided upon a supplier, follow these steps:

  • Find your phone’s IMEI number by entering *#06# onto your phone’s keypad; the IMEI will then be displayed on the screen – type this into the appropriate box on the unlocking site.
  • Enter your network carrier, for example in the UK this would be O2, Orange and so on.
  • Enter your country and hit send, then make payment.
  • You will receive a code either on screen on by text.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and you should now have an unlocked mobile

If once you have entered the code you find that you still can’t use your mobile with any SIM, get in touch with your supplier, who should be happy to help. Do not attempt to repeatedly re-enter the code as this can result in your mobile ending up as nothing more than a pretty paperweight.

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