How To Unlock A Motorola MB525: Unlock Codes

The Motorola MB525 (also known as the Defy) runs on the Android operating system.  It is among the thinnest and lightest of phones. It has a special screen and construction that resists dust, water, and scratches. So how To Unlock A Motorola MB525 smartphone?

One could surely ask: Why unlock a cell phone? The answer is that each phone is shipped with a “SIM lock”. This ties users of the phone such as you to the carrier from whom you bought the phone. To explore unlocking your cell phone, you’ll need to get an unlock mobile phone code specific to your unique Motorola MB525. The unlock codes are offered about six weeks following the initial date of manufacture.

This process of unlocking your phone is harmless. All cell phones are manufactured unlocked, but the manufacturers add a SIM lock at the carrier’s request. You’re restoring the original condition. This has no effect upon your warranty, and your phone stays unlocked even when there are some updates to its software.

One reason dictates why unlock a cell phone: you save money whenever you travel. Now, this phone works with a local (read: cheap) SIM card. You don’t have to use the premium service from your current carrier for roaming out of country, or buy a cheap phone at your destination so you’re not without cell phone coverage for the duration of your trip. Unlocking your phone also happens to raise its resale value.

How To Unlock A Motorola MB525

To find out the unlock mobile phone code, call your carrier or visit their store. They’ll usually provide the code to you for free, so long as you’re fully current on your bill and have been a customer for at least a few months. If that doesn’t work, you can always buy the unlock codes for unlocking your cell phone from online sellers. Just send them your money and your IMEI number, and they’ll email you back the code you need for unlocking your specific cell phone. Note that the codes are unique for individual phones, since you’re reversing the unique code used to lock it in the first place. Never share unlocking codes, as entering an invalid code can permanently lock your phone.

Get a SIM card from a phone carrier other than your current phone carrier. These can be purchased from any cell phone store.

With the new SIM card in hand and knowing the codes specific to your Motorola MB525, follow this procedure:

1. Turn off the phone.

2. Take out your SIM card and replace it with the new SIM card purchased from a local carrier. Affix the battery cover.

3. Turn on the phone.

4. It requests a GSM unlock code. (Note: If this does not happen when you turn on the phone, switch your phone to GSM mode then repeat the procedure.)

5. Enter the unlock code you obtained.

You’re done! Once you’ve unlocked your phone, use any GSM carrier in the future.


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  1. Hi there,

    Is there any chance of being able to get an unlock code for a Motorola Defy MB525? My IMEI is 356509041156571.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. I Want to unlock my Motorola MB525
    i need the sim network password.. for the giffgaff sim
    IMEI: 356509043013010

  3. can someone pls give me the sim network unlock kep for the motorola MB525 , I want to go on the giffgaff network…

  4. hi there i have been looking around on google for an unlock code for my MOTOROLA MB525 here is my IMEI 354717044362904 hope you can help and thanks in advance

  5. Admin any chance of having that code the phone im using is old and that motorola mb525 will be just fine if u can help with the code pls thanks

  6. I want to unlock this phone ….anyone can help me??
    IMEI Number you provided us is:
    Phone Information

    Make Motorola
    Model Defy MB525
    Locked To All Europe Networks now is in T Mobile UK

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