How to unlock a Motorola MB525: all about

Unlocking your Motorola MB525 is a simple affair once you have obtained an unlock code to do so. However, choosing a supplier is not quite so straightforward as you might think as there are almost as many scam artists looking to make a quick buck as there are reputable suppliers.

In order to obtain an unlock code, you could call your supplier if your phone is more than 12 months old or on PAYG, but this tends to be the most expensive and time consuming method. Or you can use a local, independent phone repair shop as many of them also offer a mobile unlocking service; however, these are rapidly disappearing from high streets as the recession continues to bite and force businesses either online or to fold.

By far the most convenient way to get a Motorola MB525 unlock code is by using an online unlocking service. Not only is it cheaper, but you don’t need cables or to send your phone away in an envelope, just an internet connection and email (in some cases).

Before choosing an online supplier though, you should carry out the following:

  • Read reviews and visit online mobile unlocking forums as these will have plenty of information on the good suppliers and the bad
  • Check eBay out – there are a lot of unlock code services to be found on the auction site and you can go through a supplier’s feedback in order to see what others are saying about them
  • Look for contact details and try to choose a supplier in your country; if necessary give them a ring to check that they’re a legitimate supplier
  • Only use a service that offers a guarantee, this is vital in case something goes wrong
  • Look out for services that ask you to call to retrieve your unlock code and avoid these like the plague, these tend to be premium rate numbers that will cost you a fortune

Once you have done this and settled on your supplier, send them you IMEI, which can be found by typing *#06# into your cell, your country and network and pay the bill. You will then receive your unlock code, along with comprehensive instructions on how to unlock Motorola MB525.

If you input the unlock code and it doesn’t work, contact your supplier immediately, repeatedly entering the wrong unlock code will render your mobile useless and this will happen once you have entered the wrong mobile code three times.

Follow these steps and take care when choosing a supplier and you will soon be the proud owner of an unlocked Motorola MB525,which you can use any SIM card in; useful if you are travelling abroad and want to avoid expensive roaming charges. It can also increase the value of your phone if you are looking to sell it in the future so is worth doing if carried out properly.
 How to unlock a Motorola MB525

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