How to unlock a BlackBerry Storm: things to consider

Unlocking a Blackberry Storm is a little more difficult than with other makes of handset as Blackberry historically are more difficult to obtain unlock codes for than other models. You may want to unlock Blackberry Storm phones so that you can change suppliers or travel abroad and avoid high roaming charges by using a local SIM.

Unlocking your blackberry can seem a daunting task, but with the help of and our unlocking experts, unlocking your storm is a piece of cake

However, just because something is a little more difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible and there are a few routes you can take when looking for an unlock code for a Blackberry Storm.

  1. If your handset is more than 12 months old or on PAYG, ask your network carrier to supply you with a code. This can be expensive and time consuming but you will be sure not to invalidate your guarantee.
  2. Use unlock forums to track down a mobile unlock code – this isn’t recommended unless you are prepared to risk your handset. unlock blackberry stormWhilst many people on the mobile unlocking forums will be willing to help and may supply you with a working unlock code, you will have no recourse if an incorrect code damages your cell.
  3. Pay for an online unlocking service – this is your best option, as well as the cheapest in terms of no damage to the Blackberry Storm handset.

Things to look out for when using a remote mobile unlocking service

Take care to ensure that any online mobile unlocking service offers a 100% guarantee that the code will work and your phone won’t become damaged. As Blackberry phones tend to be harder than most to unlock, some make promises they can’t keep.

Choose a supplier that gives you the unlock code via SMS or email; don’t choose a service where you have to call to obtain the unlock code; these are usually premium rate numbers that will cost you a fortune.

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Try to use a supplier located in your country in case anything goes wrong and you need to call them. Good online suppliers should have accessible contact details so that you can see where they are based and call them in case anything should go wrong.

If you go down the route of calling your network, remember that they want to keep your business so may not want to part with a code willingly. This could lead to you being passed around various departments and will cost you more than online services.

Don’t input codes indiscriminately

If your unlock code doesn’t work the first time then call your supplier immediately. Under no circumstances should you continue to enter an unlock code repeatedly as after the third time, your phone will be permanently locked and useless to you forever.

Only choose a verified supplier such as

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