How to unlock a BlackBerry Storm 2: a guide

To unlock your Blackberry Storm 2, you will first need to obtain a unique unlock code; these can be found via online unlocking services, your network carrier or on mobile unlocking forums and advice sites.

Don’t use a free called that you find online because this could block your phone and render it useless

We recommend using a paid service, rather than forums and this way you will have some recourse should anything go wrong. Asking your network to supply a code is probably your most expensive and time consuming method, but will give you the highest level of warranty.

Once you have obtained a Blackberry Storm 2 unlock code, follow these steps:

  • Power off your handset and insert a SIM into the slot
  • Turn the phone back on and navigate to ‘manage connections’ then ‘turn all connections off’
  •  Now go to ‘options’ and choose ‘advanced options’
  • On the advanced options menu, select ‘SIM card’
  • Now turn your Blackberry so that it is facing you horizontally and press the Blackberry button to show the keypadHow to unlock blackberry storm 2
  • Type ‘MEPD’ and a menu will appear – if this doesn’t work, try typing ‘MEPPD’ instead
  • Type ‘MEP2’ and you will then be prompted to ‘enter network MEP code’
  • Enter the unlock code you have previously obtained and press enter
  • A message should now appear on the screen that says code accepted
  • Power the Blackberry Storm 2 down and restart, go back into the options and re-enable connections
  • You should now have an unlocked Blackberry Storm 2

Before you settle on a supplier, it’s imperative that you choose one that is reliable, offers a guarantee and has a good reputation. In order to find a good supplier, it’s a good idea to hit the review sites and read up; you can also check out eBay as there are plenty of suppliers who use the site to sell their services. Many of the vendors on eBay have their own sites so you can use their services through one or the other but make sure you check out their feedback first.

Approaching your network operator for an unlocking called can be frustrating and expensive process

If you use your network carrier, then be prepared for them to pass you around departments and to pay more. Not all carriers do this when you ask for a Blackberry Storm unlock code, but a lot of them do as they want to keep your business. You will be unable to obtain an unlock code from your carrier if your cell is less than 12 months old and you’re on a contract in some countries.

For PAYG customers and those with an older contract, networks are obliged to provide you with an unlock code but will charge you around €30 in most cases. However, Vodafone UK have recently introduced the service for free to existing customers who meet the above criteria.

Choose as you call provider

We only provide codes which come from your phone manufacturer and which are guaranteed to work first time if they don’t then we’ll give you a full refund. As our calls are official and approved they want to damage your handset and won’t have any effect on your warranty. Also, when you buy from you can rest assured that your transaction is verified by to unlock your Blackberry storm unlocking service

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