How to unlock a BlackBerry Curve: insider tips

In this photo we will show you how to unlock a Blackberry Curve in just a few minutes, we will give you tips on where to get a safe and reliable unlocking code, and also how to use it. There are several reasons you might want to unlock a Blackberry Curve; perhaps you want to switch networks or just want to have the option of using different SIMs for various reasons. A great reason for unlocking Blackberry Curves is so that they can be used abroad with a local SIM without incurring steep roaming charges.

Unlocking your BlackBerry curve will give you the freedom to choose any network worldwide

Whatever your reasons, getting an unlocking code for a Blackberry Curve is easy. If you’re a Vodafone customer in the UK, you have a PAYG cell or are on a contract that’s over 12 months old, then you can unlock for free. Vodafone UK now provide all of their customers with an unlock code free of charge, so long as you can prove the handset is over a year old.

Asking Vodafone to unlock your phone can be very expensive

If you’re not a Vodafone customer but have a handset that is locked to their network, you can still obtain an unlock code from them but it will cost you £69.99, so it’s probably cheaper to get it done online.

How do I get a mobile unlocking code online?

Firstly, have a really good look around for a supplier; there are a huge amount of mobile unlocking services online, some good, some bad, so it’s worth reading reviews and hitting the forums to see what people are saying.blackberry curve unlock code

Another resource is eBay, many of the unlocking services you’ll find on there also have a website and it’s useful to be able to check out the feedback from previous customers.

Now what do I do with the code?

Once you’ve settled on a supplier, the rest is pretty straightforward:

  • Find your IMEI number by typing in *#06# on your cell’s keypad, the number will then be displayed on screen and should be between 15-17 characters long.
  • Write down the number, making absolutely certain it’s correct, the wrong IMEI will result in an incorrect unlock code which could damage your Blackberry.
  • Enter the number into the online form or email, again making double-sure it’s correct, and provide your country and network.
  • Pay the fee and receive your mobile unlock code.

It’s important that you follow the instructions exactly

Now it’s a simple matter of following the instructions supplied, which should involve just typing a code into your cell. Under no circumstances should you repeatedly enter a code if it doesn’t work; if an error appears when you enter the code then contact your supplier immediately.

Choose a reliable, reputable unlocking provider such as

When you choose a supplier, try to ensure that they’re located in the same country as you to make sure that you’re covered should anything go wrong. Avoid services which require you to call them to retrieve your unlock code as these are generally premium rate numbers that will end up costing you a fortune, they also tend not to have contact details on such sites.

One last word of advice be careful when shopping online only choose a verified authorised cord provider, such as BlackBerry curve unlock code, get it here

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  1. just to say that I am happy to put my name to this review, I tried several online unlock code providers, all unsuccessfully, then I found who provided me with and unlocking code for myBlackBerry 8220 pre paid TIM Brazil Toshiba and I got it in 24 hours, (it could have been a little earlier) but it worked perfectly and now I am using my phone in the USA. So a big thank you to the support staff, especially Doug who went above and beyond the call of duty in order to get my unlocking code.

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