How to get a Samsung Galaxy Unlock Code

How to get a Samsung Galaxy Unlock Code

The Samsung Galaxy has become largely popular in all its variations, meaning people on all networks want to get a good deal on the sought after smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy’s popularity can be pinned to the fact it runs on the Android platform, which is one of the most popular and widely used platforms, in close competition with Apple’s IOS software. One of the wining features most have found with the Samsung Galaxy however is the quality of the handset’s high resolution wide screen, making it a favourite among smartphone users worldwide.

And you won’t have to look far for your Samsung Galaxy unlock code,  as it would appear the handset’s maker Samsung have left it right under your nose, opting to build an unlock code into the handset itself. Now you just need how to access and use the unlock code.

There are a number of routes you can take in order to remove the SIM lock on your Samsung Galaxy. The first route involves contacting your network service provider, and asking them to do it for you or to give you the unlock code. This usually costs between nothing and £20, and is the safest way to go about unlocking your Samsung Galaxy as your network will provide support throughout and aftercare services.

If you don’t want to pay £20 to your network service provider, there is the option of using a service or independent high street store that will do anything from providing you with an unlock code to going through the whole process for you. They usually cost on average £10 for the code and maybe a little more for the full unlocking service. But beware as they could provide you with a false code or the unlock may not work but they will most likely still charge you.

If you don’t want to spend any money, try using one of the free and helpful unlocking guides found on either forums or technology websites. Sometimes if you have no clue about technology or mobile phones, attempting to do it yourself could cause more harm than it is worth. But these unlocking guides are free, so there is no harm in having a look at a few before making a decision. The plus point of the Samsung Galaxy is that there is a built in unlock code that is guaranteed to work, you just need to find it, instead trying to find a reputable website to provide an unlock code.

Your final option is to search the android market for an app to help you with the unlocking process. There are plenty of free apps that have been developed to help you unlock your Samsung phone, but beware, you only get what you pay for, and they aren’t always guaranteed to work for you.

 How to get a Samsung Galaxy Unlock Code

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  1. URGENT!!!!


    I need an unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy S – model:GT-19000
    IMEI – 354795048407172


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  3. I have a samsung galaxy mini, locked to the spanish network orange.
    My Imei number is 352752056128267.
    Thanks for your help!

  4. Hey there admins. i’ve heard ur the best. can you pls give me a unlock code for samsung galaxy y (GT-s5360) with IMEI number 359961046207650 locked to smart (philippine based) badly needed pls help me out. thank you so much!

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  6. Hi i need to unlock my samsung Galaxy Y S5360 so i can use to other network. can you help me how to do it? here is my IMEI number 352936053952387

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    My phone molie is Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360), and IMEI number is :
    Help me please with unlock my phone .


  8. Hi i’d like to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to use other network. Help me please? here’s my IMEI: 359961041463670

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