How to Factory Unlock a iPhone 4, 4G [video]

Read on and we will show you  how to factory unlock a iphone 4. How to get a Factory unlock for your 3, 3Gs, 4, 4G or iphone 5 or iPad 3Gs. Unlocking your iPhone or iPad with a factory unlock really is very simple. It doesn’t require any messing with cables, software or operating systems. In fact once you unlock your iPhone with is it is permanently unlocked regardless of how many time you upgrade your operating system. However there are a few things to watch out for.

Things to watch out for when unlocking your iPhone or iPad.

Update the iTunes software on your computer
Ensure your iPhone has the most recent version of iOS
With the new SIM card in it, connect the iPhone to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect the phone
Disconnect the iPhone from the computer, and wait 20 seconds
Reconnect the Apple iPhone to the computer and wait for iTunes to detect it again


This unlock is 100% Guaranteed to Permanently Unlock your iPhone so that it will work with any network worldwide

You Know your device is unlocked when you see this message in itunes.


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Is it legal to unlock iphone 5 models?

The Digital Millennium Act or DMCA declared that unlocking your iphone is illegal but there are criteria that make it possible for you to do so legally. If you’ve purchased your phone before January 24th, 2013 and if you live outside the US, you can legally unlock your phone. Ideally, you can also request your carrier to unlock iphone 5 models for travel reasons and for personal use. If you are planning to unlock your phone to sell it, then this is illegal and the carrier company will not approve this request. There are a few simple requirements that you have to meet to ensure that you are unlocking your phone for personal reasons. Once you have met these requirements, the company will then start the process. You have to back up the data on your phone, clear the phone of all its software and then switch it off. The company will unlock the phone; you can then start the phone and complete the set-up process. Your phone will be unlocked and you can shift carriers or deals after this.  You should know that some rival carriers are more than happy to unlock your iPhone so that you can shift deals and services.