How do I choose the best mobile plan?

guarentee best price
guarantee best price

Fed-up with your current operator and wondering how do I choose the best mobile plan? If you are currently searching for the best mobile plan then it will largely depend on what you plan to use your phone for. There are three things that providers will charge you for, calls, messaging and data.

How do I get cheaper calls?

With calls most carriers will charge you a certain amount based upon how many minutes you use. If a carrier advertises an allowance of say, 500 minutes, you will get these minutes for free and pay a specific rate for all additional minutes. If you are planning on using your phone for calls predominantly, then this should be your priority. There are numerous different plans ranging from 100 minutes right up to unlimited.

Where can I get more texts in my bundles?

Some people prefer to text than call and if you fall into this bracket you may want to go for an unlimited messaging plan. Most are not that expensive and won’t cost the earth. However, if you go for a limited plan and you exceed it, you will be charged for each additional message which can start to become pricey.

Can I get unlimited data at a reasonable price?

If you don’t plan on going online much then this isn’t too important. If, however, you do plan to spend time online gaming, downloading movie or music files or doing any other online activity, then you it may be an idea to give this serious consideration before taking a contract or agreeing to a monthly plan. Data can be very expensive and although some plans may look appealing when they offer 500MB or even as much as 4GB, that much data won’t go very far if you are indulging in any of the data hungry activities such as file sharing or live streaming.

Do I have to have  a monthly Contract?

A contract can be a good option as very often you can get a good plan that covers everything. Another advantage is that you can get a superior handset that is either free or at least a lot cheaper than normal. The downside is you will more often than not, be tied in for around 24 months and if you then decide you want a different phone, trading it in can be very costly.

Is a Monthly plan the most economical option?

Monthly plans can also be a good option. One of the best advantages is that you don’t have to worry about being tied in. The downside, however, is that the handset is usually a lot more expensive so there is a larger initial outlay. This is also worth considering if you like to change your phone every time a new model becomes available.

OK, so which plan should I choose?

The important thing to do when buying a new phone is to look carefully at the options available. While you may be very excited about your new phone, getting the right plan could save you a lot of money over the course of the month.