Lower Your Phone Bill By Unlocking Your Phone? (When & How)

Tired of being stung by your mobile operator and wondering how can you lower your phone bill by unlocking your phone?

If you are considering unlocking your iPhone, Sony Xperia, or any other phone for that matter, you will be pleased to learn that it is not only safe and easy to do, it is perfectly legal and will in no way affect your contract.

There are plenty of good reasons for unlocking a phone, including some that are financially beneficial.

If you travel abroad regularly, for either business or pleasure, then unlocking your phone is certainly worth considering.

International roaming charges can leave you with quite a headache and there is nothing worse than enjoying a well-earned vacation, only to return to a bill that is sat on your doorstep that adds up to more than the cost of the flights!

What’s worse is, even if the huge bill was a mistake caused by you forgetting to turn off your background data whilst chilling in the sun, it’s unlikely that your pleas for leniency will be heard by your mobile provider, as they do everything in their power to get the money out of you.

Will I have to change my SIM?

Unlocking your phone means that you’re not tied to one provider or another and you can easily change to a local pre-paid SIM when traveling abroad.

That way you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you won’t be getting any surprises when you get home, and once the pre-paid amount runs out, your phone will just stop and you can decide whether you want to put more credit on it or not.

How can I get Cheaper tariffs?

Unlocking your phone will give you access to other providers and as such, you can choose the tariff that suits you.

Maybe you can get free calls to a friend or loved one who is with a different provider?

If your contract has run out and you want to keep the phone, but not the provider, this is an ideal option.

Should I change to pay as you go?

Do you find that no matter how much you try, you always end up going over your contract with your monthly bills being twice what you expected?

Well, don’t get too down on yourself, you are not alone.

This is very common and an easy way of avoiding it is to unlock your phone and buy top up cards.

Not only will your phone stop working when you have used all the money on it, you are probably more likely to check your credit and to restrain yourself from using your phone as the money you have available goes down.

So you can lower your phone bill by unlocking your phone?

As you can see, the financial benefits from unlocking your phone can really make a difference.

However, you also have the freedom to change suppliers should you feel that your current one isn’t measuring up.

Remember, you have plenty of suppliers to choose from and they need you more than you need them.