Cell Phone Unlocking: [video]

In this post we will tell you all about Cell Phone Unlocking. Regardless of whether you want to unlock a mobile phone from any network operator around the world there are several different types of unlocks depending on the phone model you wish to unlock.  The choices you have are: visit an unlocking shop that will plug your handset into a computer with special unlocking software and force the phone to be unlocked. Or, you can ask your network operator for an unlock code. Topically they will not give you this unless you have been a good customer (i.e. paid their bills on time without any dispute) and you are out of contract. The third and final option you have is to have it remotely unlocked by somebody like unlock.my. This type of unlocking uses the IMEI code. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to get an IMEI Unlock code.

First find out your IMEI

Get the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code of your phone by typing #06# as if you were going to make a phone call. The phone will return you a serial number which you must write down as you will need to give it to your unlock code supplier.

If you are unable to do this, then remove the back from the phone and look under the battery you will find the IMEI number here.

Contact your unlock code provider, and give them the make, model and IMEI of your phone. They will supply you with the unlock code. How long this takes will depend on how new your phone is: typically the never the phone the longer it takes.

Now, all that is left is to enter the unlock code. After entering the unlock code, make sure that it is entered correctly and that the handset successfully accepted the code. You might need to restore all of the options that were altered prior to the unlock, such as the disabled networks. In some phone models, a complete reboot of the phone may also be necessary.

Cell Phone Unlocking is not that difficult

At this point you can remove the SIM card and replace it with a one from your new network operator. If the phone was able to recognise and use the new SIM card, then congratulations, the phone unlocking is now complete. If not, then you’ll have to backtrack a bit to see which you did incorrectly. If you are certain that you followed the unlock procedure correctly then it is possible that the problem might simply be on your phone’s settings or the SIM card itself.

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  1. Before you just go ahead to try and unlock your phone, you need to be aware that your cell phone may just be a CDMA based phone. In which case you will not be able to unblock your phone.

    Admin Solution

    Hi there, sure, we can unlock that cellphone, simply place an order here and we will get your unlock code for your in sometimes as little as two minutes.

  2. You can unlock your locked phone using online software that is either paid or unpaid and available for specific phones or carriers only. The advantage in having an unlocked cell phone is that you can travel anywhere in the world without needing to purchase an additional cell phone.

    Admin Response

    Hello, of course, we can unlock that phone, just place an order here and we will get your restriction code for your in sometimes as little as 8 minutes.

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