Cell Phone Unlocking (Your Idiot’s Guide)

Trying to understand Cell Phone Unlocking? well then read on as we will explain in full what’s involved. 

Mobile device plans are frequently bundled by networks in order to entice customers to use and enjoy different services and perks. 

However, you have to sign a contract detailing what you can do and what you can’t do with your cell phone for the term of the contract.  

These networks install restriction codes in the phone so that you cannot easily unlock the mobile phone. 

A “locked” cell phone means you can only access one service provider and only get the services spelled out in the contract. 

Providers discount the phone because they plan to make most of their money by locking you into using their services.

Cell Phone Unlocking Has its Benefits

Being locked into one service provider network ties your hands as a cell phone user. 

There are benefits to accessing other service providers since better rates and services could be available, like more roaming capability.  

Unlocking your phone lets you access providers outside your network and it is why people want to acquire unlock codes and unlock their phones. 

Mobile phone service providers may not be happy about it, but the legal implications are generally relaxed giving customers flexibility.

Unlocking Your Cell Phone in 5 Easy Steps

The cell phone unlocking process is very easy.  Here’s how to do it in four easy steps.

  1. Determine if the phone is locked.  Before you need to worry about unlocking codes, determine if the unit is locked first.  Insert another network’s SIM card into the phone.  If there are no “lock” related messages that pop up, the phone is not locked and you do not need to unlock it.
  2. Gather Information.  If the cell phone is locked, you will need to gather phone information to get the unlock code.  Collect the following information – brand and model number, network provider, and IMEI.  You will need to provide this info to your service provider’s customer service department or to third party mobile phone code providers to determine if you can get access to unlock codes.
  3. Get the specific unlock codes for your cell phone.  There are two ways which you can obtain unlock codes.  One is through your provider’s customer service since in some regions the service provider has to supply the unlock code on request.  The other way is to search for third party mobile phone service providers who supply unlock codes. Make sure to find a reputable provider.
  4.  Entering the unlock code depends on the phone model.  Be sure to get clear instructions when obtaining the unlock code then carefully follow them.  It is usually a simple and straightforward process of properly entering digits into the keypad.
  5. Your cell phone is unlocked.

Once you have unlocked your phone you can take advantage of the freedom of being able to use the service provider that best fits your needs.

How to unlock a Galaxy S

However, it’s fair to say that this model, whilst not a bad phone, won’t be remembered years down the line alongside the Galaxy S range.

The phone is powered by an 800 MHz ARM 11 CPU and runs on the Android OS, v2.3 Gingerbread.

It has a five-megapixel camera that is not bad and a battery life of around 11 hours on 2G which is pretty basic.

However, it’s a fairly affordable phone for those who are looking for something reliable that doesn’t come in at the same price tag as a second-hand car, as so many do these days.

If you are contemplating unlocking your Galaxy Ace there are a few things we should clarify first.

Most importantly, it is a very straightforward practice and will not in any way damage your phone.

The most important thing to get right is to enlist the assistance of a professional, and seeing as you are here, you can tick that box as done.

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