Cell Phone Unlocking: Online or Use a Shop?

Do you need a Cell Phone Unlocking code for your cell? Using unlock mobile phone codes to liberate your mobile device from exclusive service contracts lets you avail better deals with other service providers, and it gives your phone a higher resale value.  It’s perfectly legal, so the question is to go to an online source or look for a local unlock provider?

Unlock Codes for a Motorola or Cingular Cell Phone

No matter what kind of phone you have or what provider you use, unlocking is legal and a great advantage to the consumer. 

Sometimes we are told that if you want unlock codes, you can contact the provider customer service departments and ask for it. 

For example, if you have Cingular (At&T) for your network provider service, you can call Cingular customer service and ask for your phone unlock code and they will provide it.  It’s not actually as simple as that. 

No network is going to very readily provide this information, especially if you have signed a service contract for a specific period.  But that’s okay. 

You have other choices for cell phone unlock codes. You can look online for code providers and you can probably find local providers as well.

Choosing Online or Local for Mobile Phone Unlock Codes

Choosing a provider is related to your particular needs. 

How comfortable are you playing around with your cell phone?  Does it make you nervous?  How much time do you have to research and execute the unlock procedure?

It might be easier to find online providers, but then you have to execute unlocking your phone. 

It may be a little harder to find a local provider, but they can handle the task for you. 

Rates for both online and local providers vary greatly, and there is a wide range in reliability and expertise. 

Pay attention to how providers present themselves.  

Do they seem to know what they are doing?  Does it seem like a fly-by-night operation? 

While you want great value, you don’t want to get conned or waste your money. 

Compare rates as well as perceived respectability.

Being free of any provider restrictions allows you to increase your areas of service without roaming charges.

One advantage of online providers is that they might have more customer reviews and testimonials. 

Look for feedback on social media sites or industry bloggers. 

However, you may be able to find online reviews or comments for local providers as well. 

Be sure to look for some verification of the services, especially if the price seems too good to be true.

An advantage of local shops is that they can do it while you wait, and you get to watch to see how it is done. 

You can rest easy knowing it is in knowledgeable hands if you are nervous about unlocking the phone, and you can get a lesson to help you use unlock codes yourself in the future.

Unlocking takes just 5 minutes of your time and is as easy as dialling a phone number.

So depending on affordability, comfort level, and time, either online or local may be the best choice. 

Both can help unlock your cell phone

The important thing is to exercise your rights as a consumer and explore your cell phone service provider options.

You can be assured that cell phone unlocking will free your phone and you from onerous contracts.