Cell Phone Unlocking (Insiders Guide)

When you buy a new cell phone it is all smiles and good wishes from the network services representative, isn’t it?

What is Cell Phone Unlocking: They have a new customer and they know that you are locked into using their network and paying them every month for years to come.

Well, at least that’s the case until someone tells you about using cell phone unlock codes.

You see, the network providers don’t want you to know that you aren’t actually as tightly tied to them as you might think. Of course, they won’t mention anything to you about cell phone unlocking.

They want you to remain unaware of their existence or at least make you think you are doing something wrong if you use them.

Cell Phone Unlocking, how do I do it?

Some industry insiders have blown the whistle on unlock codes. 

These codes do exist and people are finding out about them and taking advantage of them.

By unlocking your phone you can use the services of different network providers, even foreign providers, and avoid huge roaming charges if you travel abroad. 

The network operators know very well that using mobile phone unlocking codes are a great benefit for phone owners, yet they have tried to keep it a secret.

They want to keep phone owners locked into using their service.

Are Unblock Codes Illegal?

If this all sounds a bit suspicious, or you think you have to visit some shady phone shop in a bad neighborhood to accomplish unlocking, then you need to understand cell phone unlocking and your rights a little better.

It is 100% legal to unlock your cell phone and use any service provider you choose.

There is no reason to feel bad about doing it at all. This means that you can do it openly and without any fear.

In most counties, you can even ask your service provider about unlocking codes, and they have to assist you or even provide the unlock codes for you. 

There is no reason to feel guilty or be afraid of using your phone any way you choose to.

How Do I Get an Unlock Cell Phone Code?

If you decide to join the growing ranks of phone users who have unlocked their cell phones, it is a fairly easy process.

The first step is to get your phone’s EMEI code.

This is usually done by entering a code into your phone’s keypad.  Once you have your IMEI code you can usually find the unlock code and the instructions for entering it on the Internet. 

The whole process is quick and easy to do.  It doesn’t involve taking the phone apart or doing anything you might be uncomfortable with.

Then once you have unlocked your phone you have the control, the choice, and the freedom to use your phone in ways that benefit you, not just the phone service provider.