iOS7 Review (A Bit Of A Mongrel?)

This analogy lends itself to the new ios7. First of its entire very buggy, doesn’t like Skype and like all aging beauties they can be temperamental. I have had my hands on the iOS7 on my iPhone 5 for several days now. I am sure these are transient issues which will be overcome in the final release.

Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy S Plus: [video]

You don’t need to have any technical know-how in order to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S Plus cell phone. There’s no need to ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ the phone first either, this is usually carried out in order to remove carrier branding from a phone but is not necessary to perform a SIM unlock.

Unlock codes for a HTC Wildfire: [video]

Imagine the scenario, you’ve just purchased a nice shiny new HTC Wildfire and you discover that you have to go abroad for a few months. However, you like your new phone and would much rather take it with you but you know that you can’t use it abroad with your carrier as it will cost you a fortune in roaming charges. The solution? Finding a HTC unlock code and removing the SIM lock that was imposed by the manufacturer on behalf of your carrier.

Unlock codes for a Motorola RAZR V3: insider secrets 2

Finding a Motorola RAZR V3 unlock code has never been easier than it is today. Each phone is SIM locked at manufacture on behalf of the network and each has a unique unlock code peculiar to that particular phone. These are generated by the manufacturer’s server and are produced based on your cell’s IMEI number, …

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