Can Unlocking Brick My Cell Phone? (Explained)

Are you worried: Can Unlocking Brick My Cell Phone?

We have all been there.  At first, you are so happy with your new phone and the services that came with your new service contract. 

Then you realize that you are paying for some features you never use, and the ones you do use cost more than you thought. 

Then you learn that another network has the service you want at the price you can afford.

Then, eventually, you discover you have another option. 

You don’t have to be tied to only your network’s SIM card. 

You can unlock your phone and use other network SIM cards and access services from virtually any network.

You may have heard that you can simply contact your service provider and ask for an unlock code. When you do, instead of assistance you get a stern warning. 

You are told unlocking your phone violates your contract and you may have to pay termination fees. 

Plus, you are told, unlocking a phone is risky.  One false move and you could “brick” your phone – meaning that it is completely useless. 

Is all the above true?

Unlocking does not Brick Cell Phones

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a huge number of people have successfully unlocked their cell phones. 

If they could do it, you can too.

Your service provider may be trying to scare you to keep you locked into their closed network and paying only them for your cell phone services, so they exaggerate the risk of unlocking.

GSM Unlock Codes and SIM Cards

When they claim that cell phone GSM unlock codes activated by online third-party companies providers could brick your phone for good, this isn’t really the case. 

They can only block your phone from using their SIM card. 

The service provider has no right to block the phone itself -unless you request it because you lost it or it was stolen. 

After all, it is your phone!

Bricking and Unlocking Cell Phones

The issue of bricking is actually a bigger concern in regards to incorrectly installing tools and applications. 

Freeing yourself to other networks can give you access to apps and tools that are not compatible with your phone or are beyond your phone’s capability.

Another concern is getting unlock codes from an unreputable provider

Repeatedly entering an incorrect International Mobile Equipment Identity (sometimes needed to unlock a phone as well) or an incorrect phone unlock code can cause a phone to shut down permanently

Any time you enter a code unsuccessfully, double-check that you have a good code before entering it more than a few times.

Using a little care in selecting a unlock code provider and carefully following the unlock process has very little risk in bricking your phone.