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Do you need to Unlock Verizon Phones? Verizon Communications Inc., better know by its branded name Verizon,  is a global company that offers broadband and telecommunications services. The company Verizon first began work in the telecommunications industry in1983, and were then known as Bell Atlantic. Bell Atlantic was based in New York City, in the United States of America, with arms outstretched covering as far as New Jersey and Virginia. As part of the big AT&T breakup of 1984, Bell Atlantic split into seven Regional Bell Operationg Companies, otherwise known as “Baby Bells.” Bell Atlantic and another Regional Bell Operating Company known as NYNEX, also based in New York City and with arms outstretched to cover New York to Maine, decided to merge, choosing to operate together under the Bell Atlantic name. The new larger Bell Atlantic company then later took over the former independent phone company GTE, soon after adopting the name we know them as tofay, “Verizon”. The name came from a combination of the two words ‘veritas’, meaning truth, and ‘horizon’. The Verizon headquarters are currently located in the Verizon Building at 140 West Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Where will I be able to Unlock Verizon Phones

Verizon, much like other network service providers all over the world, have the manufacturers of their handsets place a SIM lock on their phones to prevent them being used with any other network service provider. To remove these restrictions and unlock your handset for use on any network, all you need is a new SIM card that is not on the Verzion network, and the unlock code needed to unlock the handset. This isn’t a hard process and it is completely legal to reverse however, with the simple use of an unlock code. Using an unlock code on your mobile cell phone is neither expensive nor illegal, and actually has many benefits. Once your mobile phone handset has been unlocked using the unlock code, you will be able to choose the best deal from a network you prefer, avoid roaming charges while abroad by using a cheap pay as you go SIM card from a local network whilst in another country, and when you decide its time to upgrade your handset, you will be able to resell the handset at an increased value of up to 50% due to the unlock.

Once I have my Unlock Verizon Phones how do i use it?

It may sound obvious, but you must first unlock the phone before you can use a different network. However, getting an unlock code from your network is not quite as straightforward as it should be. You need to have a good credit rating, have paid your bill on time and in general your account should be in good standing with the operator. An alternative approach to asking your service provider is to use an independent unlocking specialist company.  Unlocking your mobile doesn’t need any technical understanding, nor any specialist knowledge, it’s a very simple process providing you use a reputable supplier. Unlocking mobile devices requires that you get a cell phone unlock code that’s provided by an unlocking company. The network unlocking code needs to be obtained from the network service provider (Vodafone, Orange, O2, etc). You may also wonder if it’s dangerous and will damage your phone in any way, and when it should be done, if ever. These phones usually have operating software that is hard to crack, so you’re required to connect your phone to another unit. Unfortunately, some models of mobiles cannot be unlocked with a simple code.

To get your hands on the unlock code, you should first try calling Verzion and tell them that you are planning to travel internationally and would like to unlock your phone for use with local networks over there. They will usually offer you the unlock code free of charge.

If Verzion can’t provide you with the unlock code then you can go through a third party vendor. These operate through websites, and they buy the unlock code from your handset manufacturer and sell it to you for a small fee.

Once you have your SIM card and unlock code, follow these simple instructions to unlock your Verizon Phone:

1. Insert the new SIM card into your handset and switch the phone on.

2. Enter the unlock code given to you.

Your handset is no longer locked to Verzion!



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