How to Unlock T-Mobile Blackberry Curve

How to get an Unlock T-Mobile Blackberry Curve:

How to get an Unlock T-Mobile Blackberry Curve:

The T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve is one of Blackberry’s entry level budget smartphones.  First 2007, the Curve has been treated to numerous revamps and versions, with the latest being the 9360 model, which sees the installation of an optical trackball, as well as triple processor speeds, and GPS and NFC capabilities. The Blackberry Curve is not exclusive to T-Mobile, but models purchased from the network contain exclusive software.

The BlackBerry Curve 9380, the latest of the Curve series to be released in 2011, is the first Curve model to feature an all-touchscreen with no physical keyboard. Tech reviewers only gave the Curve 9380 three out of five stars, saying the affordability factor,  “bright, colorful screen” and updated Blackberry OS 7 software were winning features,  instability, low resolution, and on-screen keyboard just didn’t cut it.

One thing that never seems to change throughout the versions or across networks is the restrictions placed on the handsets to lock them to one network, in this case T-Mobile. The network requests the lock to be installed by manufacturers to prevent the phone being used on any network but their own. But at the time of installation the manufacturers also create an unlock code that can be used to remove the SIM lock.

To obtain the unlock code for your phone, first try asking your network. Although they were the ones who had it placed there in the first place, they usually offer the code to loyal customers for free. If they aren’t helpful, you can go through an independent reseller, who will usually operate via a website. These are vendors who purchase the unlock codes from manufacturers to sell on for a small profit.

Once you have the unlock code, simply follow these steps to use it to remove the SIM lock:

1. When your handset is switched on, go to the Home Screen and press the Tools icon.

2. Then go to the Settings icon and scroll down to SIM Card.

3. Once selected, you should see your phone number and SIM ID number.

4. Press the buttons with these letters on them: ‘MEPPD’ (You are not entering the letter, simply press each key once per letter).

5. The phone shows that there is an Active Network Lock.

6. Press the buttons with MEP on them the same way as before, and then hold the Alt key while pressing the 2 key.

7. Enter your unlock code and press Enter. Reboot your handset.

Once your handset is rebooted the phone is unlocked!



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