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The HTC wildfire is one of the easiest phones to get an unlock code for however, like everything else you need to know what you’re looking for and how to use the court once you get. Read this article in full and we will answer your questions on where to get an Unlock kodes for a HTC Wildfire. This post points you in the direction of how to get a safe and reliable called for your phone and what the pitfalls are to watch out for when buying unlocking chords online. The HTC Wildfire is one of HTC’s most popular smart phone offerings, with the much praised Android software, instant access to thousands of apps on the Android market, quick and easy sharing capabilities and fast multi window browsing, and a Flash video support. It also boasts a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, a high resolution 3.2” touch screen display, stylish and compact design and the innovative HTC Sense software.

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Unlock Kodes for HTC Wildfire

How to unlock as HTC wildfire without any technical knowledge

So it comes as no great surprise that people want to get their hands on popular HTC Wildfire unlock kode smart phone on their preferred network before their contract is up. And it has never been easier with the help of an unlock Kode and some simple and easy to follow mobile unlocking kode instructions.

First you need to get your hands on an unlock kode. If you have been a long term customer, your network service provider may offer you the unlock kode to unlock your HTC Wildfire at no cost to you. However, dependent on the provider, there is sometimes an admin fee involved, that can be up to £20. If this fee is too much for you, then you could try a mobile unlocking website, or a independent mobile phone repairer or retailer. They tend to offer a very cheap unlocking service, but beware, as some may not offer a money back guarantee if the unlock doesn’t work for your phone. It is advisable to do some digging on your chosen source for the unlock kode, making sure all reviews about their services are good, and no-one complains of being scammed or treated unfairly.

Only use a reputable trusted unlocking company with an established record, such as unlock.my

Once you have your unlock kode from your chosen source, its time to put it to use on your HTC Wildfire handset. To do this, you will first need to enter an unaccepted sim card, i.e. one that is not on the current network that the handset is locked to. With the new sim inserted, turn the phone back on, and the phone may ask for a pin code. If so, enter your sim card pin code. You should then see a message asking you to ‘Enter Unlock Kode’. Enter the unlock code you earlier obtained, and press send/enter. Once this has been accepted, your phone should be unlocked! If there are any issues please contact your network service provider or the source for your unlock code.

When choosing a supplier for your unlock code make sure to pick one that only supplies verified calls from your handset manufacturer

At unlock.my we only supply approved authorised unlocking calls which come from the manufacturer. This means that the cold you receive will unlock your phone your phone the first time and won’t in any way damage your phone. It also means that you are not just buying called but purchasing a service which means that should you have any problems or need some handholding during the unlocking process then our experts on hand to help you. So, you don’t have to be technical to unlock your phone.

Our purpose is to help you unlock your mobile phone as quickly and simply as possible, without you having to do much at all.

Here is how to us your Unlock kodes for a HTC Wildfire

Once unlocked your phone will have lots of advantages such as being a lot more saleable. You only have to type HTC Wildfire Ace into eBay to see how much competition there is out there to sell phones. Potential buyers can be choosy when shopping around and when it comes to the option of buying a locked phone or an unlocked one, most will go for the locked phone. What’s more, they will generally pay a bit more for it too.

Unlocking your HTC Wildfire:

  • The first thing to do is to type *#06# onto your touch screen. This should bring your unique IMEI number up.
  • Make a note of this number, double checking if needs be as it is important to record this correctly.
  • Forward this number to us along with the model and make of your phone, in this case the HTC Wildfire.
  • We will then forward you the MEP unlocking code, together with complete and very simple instructions on how to complete your unlock.

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