Unlock Codes For A Vodafone 858 Smart


How to get an unlocking code for a vodafone 858 Unlocking Codes for a Vodafone 858 Smart Phone In this post we tell you where to get an Unlock Code for a Vodafone 858 Smart, how to input it and what to do if you encounter problems. The Vodafone 858 Smart is a smartphone that uses the Android operating system, and is manufactured for Vodafone by Huawei. Because Huawei manufactures this phone directly for Vodafone, it is not found elsewhere, even though it can be identified by the Huawei internal number of U8160.

Is the 858 not really a Huawei?

Here’s another thing that you may find confusing about this phone. Although the Vodafone 858 Smart is a GSM phone, it is shipped with a SIM lock preventing you from being able to use your phone with carriers other than Vodafone. Unlocking a cell phone with a SIM lock is perfectly legal, and increases the resale value of the phone. There is absolutely no risk of damaging the phone, or voiding the warranty. As a matter of fact, what you’re really doing is restoring the phone to its factory settings. Vodafone requests that the SIM cards be locked before the phones are sold to their customers, but they are manufactured without the lock.

Will Vodafone Unlock my 858 Smart phone?

Vodafone offers a service direct from their website that will allow you to unlock the mobile phone for free. All you have to do is enter the IMEI number, and wait a few days for them to process the request. You can also mail them your information, but there is a fee for processing the phone unlocking request that way. However, its not a straight forward as that. Vodafone will charge you up to $120 (about £100), require you to prove your payment history, your identity and make you jump through many other hoops and if that was not bad enough make you wait up to 6 weeks.

Vodafone can take up to 6 weeks to unlock your Smart 858

Getting Vodafone to unlock the mobile phone for free will require processing time, in most cases up to six weeks. However, if you have an urgent need and must unlock it immediately, you can purchase the unlock codes online from us. You simply provide us with the make and model of your cell phone, along with its IMEI number. Your can place your unlocking order order here: They will send you the unlock codes you need for unlocking the cell phone. You will also need to buy a SIM card that is associated with a phone carrier other than the one which is your phone carrier, but those are inexpensive and easily purchased at any cell phone store.

Once you receive the new SIM card and unlock code from us, you don’t need anything else to be able to unlock your Vodafone 858 Smart. Simply follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Remove your existing SIM card, and replace it with the new SIM card for a carrier other than the one which is your current carrier.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will either ask you for your SIM network unlock PIN.

5. Simply enter the unlock code you were given.

6. Press OK.

That’s all there is to reversing the SIM lock on a Vodafone 858 Smart cell phone. After successfully completing the phone unlocking, you will be able to use your Vodafone 858 Smart with any GSM carrier.


Unlock Codes For A Vodafone 858 Smart
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Unlock Codes For A Vodafone 858 Smart
In this post we tell you where to get an Unlock Code for a Vodafone 858 Smart, how to input it and what to do if you encounter problems.
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  • I want the unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smart phone. The IMEI number is 356652044459285

    Unlocking Customer Support

    Admin Answer

    Hello, yes, we can unlock that smartphone, just place an order here and we will get your vodafone858 smart for you in sometimes as little as 4 minutes.

  • Hello there I have a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic mobile Nokia (DCT 2/3/4) and I need how to unlock motorola phones

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    I have been a Vodafone 858 Smart fan for years. I really like their phones. So when the new one came out, I scooped it up. I wanted it unlocked, so I called T-Mobile and they gave me the run around for a week straight. I would call in, I would wait for up to an hour to talk to someone, and then they would tell me they would send me the information. This happened numerous times and I never received any email correspondence from them. The last time I called them, I got immediately through to a very nice gentleman. He informed me that T-Mobile didn’t unlock phones, but there was a Web site I could try called unlock.my. He said he didn’t know much about it, but that other customers had used their services. I went right to the site, paid the fee, and had an email in my inbox so fast I couldn’t believe it. I immediately opened the email and unlocked my phone. Thanks, unlock.my!

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    I’ve always loved the blackberry. I love it so much, I bought my best friend a Vodafone 858 Smart just like mine. After a few days, she texted me from her old phone and I asked her what was wrong. I thought maybe the phone had broken or something. She told me she didn’t like the Verizon service and wanted to go back to her old phone. I asked her why she didn’t just unlock her phone and change her service. She said she didn’t know how, so I mentioned unlock.my. I’ve used your service for quite a while and I really like it. I always get my codes as promised, they always work, and the price can’t be beat. We scheduled a day to get together and I helped her unlock her phone; she was amazed just like me. I’ve never been one to write reviews, but I had to tell this story. Thanks unlock.my. Me and my friend will both be using your services again.

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      although the times that were advertised on the website were slightly misleading, they got the code to me within 3 days and it worked perfectly so far. dont expect instant service

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      My Vodafone 858 Smart is so awesome, but I really wanted to use a different service provider. My family uses a different one and I was the odd one out. I have some friends who are considered tech savvy, and they told me to try unlock.my. I did my own research before trying this Web site, but went with unlock.my because of what my friends said. The price was decent; I’m not saying it was the lowest price around, but it wasn’t the highest either. The instructions were simple enough to follow, and it unlocked my phone in good time. I did get a little impatient, as I thought it would be instantaneous, which it wasn’t. However, it didn’t even take a whole day to receive my email instructions, so I can’t complain. Unlock.my, you made my day. I just had to write this review and let everyone know how awesome you are. Thanks again!

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    I consider myself a photographer and wanted a phone that could also act as a great camera and video recorder, so I picked myself up a Vodafone 858 Smart. The camera takes pictures like any fancy expensive camera, and the video quality is amazing. However, the only problem I had was wanting to change my service provider. I wasn’t sure if this was possible, but after searching the Internet, I found an unlocking service. I tried them, but never received anything. I am still waiting for my refund. I was a little disappointed, but decided to try another Web site. I chose unlock.my because of the reviews and price. Let me just say, wow! Their service was fast, their prices were good, and it was so simple. I’ve been telling everyone I know about unlock.my and will continue to use their services when I need them. I’m so glad I found you guys!

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    For our anniversary this year, my wife got me a *58 Smart. It’s a smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi, and even GPS. (I love GPS!) I was so excited about this phone, but my wife wanted a different service provider. I looked online and found unlock.my and thought they look professional and could sim unlock code for vodafone for vodafone smart 858. After reading some of the reviews, I thought it sounded like a good Web site, so I decided to try it out. After paying the fee and waiting for about three hours, I still didn’t have my email instructions. I thought they might still be looking for the code, so I decided to wait a little longer. It did take longer than I thought, but I did finally get my code and it worked. It unlocked my wife’s phone on the first try. I was sceptical because it took so long to get the code, but sometimes you have to be patient to get what you want.

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    What is it with Android and calling their platforms food names? I got a Motorola Razor phone. It is a really cool, thin little phone. I had to laugh when I was told by the nice salesman at my local Motorola store that the software is called Ice Cream Sandwich. Anyway, the salesman and I had a good laugh when I brought this up and he agreed with me. I jokingly said the next software should be Rocky Road, since they have a thing for ice cream! So the salesman than answered my questions, and since we had such a nice thing going I asked him about jail breaking my Motorola Razor. He took a business card from the desk, and wrote out unlock.my then gave me the card. So I went home, looked the place up and it was really cool! Unlock.my were great and unlocked my phone!

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  • Hey, Please could you help me UNLOCK my Huawei U8160/ Vodafone 858 Smart to all networks please as everyware i go is wanting to charge me £20 if not more, just wondering if there is a way to do it without been robbed in day light, your help will be greatly appreciated,if possible could you email me and let me know i will be very grateful.

    -Phone Details-

    Model: Huawei U8160/ Vodafone 858

    IMEI: 356652046534606

    IMEI SV: 86



    BUILD NUMBER: U8160V100R001C02B650

    Thank you

    Scott Robinson

  • Hi which code to unlock Vodafone 858 imei 356652048587677 thanks

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    Hello i need an Unlock Code for my 858 Smart!! My IMEI nr is 356652048165292

    • vodafone 858 now unlocked and working on t_mobile

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    A lot of friends I know always tease me about my Vodafone 858 Not so Smart Phone. They say the phone is too wide but I disagree. I like the width because I tend to drop things. And what is easier to hold, a skinny phone or a wide phone? When I had a Razor phone it was so thin I was constantly dropping it and that’s how I ended up breaking it. The Vodafone 858 has that great link up thing so I can save everything from my phone to my home computer, which is really cool! Those same teasing friends told me to get my phone cracked so I could take advantage of all these fast features. I asked my friends how they cracked open theirs and they gave me the website, unlock.my. I tried it, it worked out great, unlock.my was easy and I had my 858 unlocked in no time at all!

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    • IF you would like a Free unlocking code then first give us a Like, Tweet, Google Plus+, a Digg or some other mention, send us the link and we will send you your FREE UNLOCKING CODE. http://www.unlock.my

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  • I have a Vodafone 858 Smart and I’m with Vodafone Ireland. My IMEI is 356652049240102. Please help me! 😀

  • Pedro


    I’m looking for the SIMLOCK unlock block key for a vodafone 858 smart.
    I introduce a wrong code and now i need this code.
    Your help is deeply appreciatted. I already tweet your website.

    IMEI: 356652046437933

    Thanks in advance

    • Sorry we don’t provide UNBLOCK CODES as that is illegal.

  • Georg

    It was easy, but I was afraid to order because I live in Brazil and my 858 Smart came from France. I expected to receive my code in 3 minutes, but in one day I received my code and can say: It Works ! Faster next time chaps please!

  • Mandip Shrestha

    Got the the unlock code for my vodafone 858 smart mobile. Thanks

    • Mandip Shrestha

      My Vodafone 858 is truly my best buddy. I’m a girl with a small business and it really has been a blessing because everything on my Vodafone 858 Smart is simple. From the way it makes calls to checking my email, I have never had any trouble. The name of the game is simple. That is what I loved about unlock.my when I found it. Everything is nice and simple and for a rookie like me that is so helpful. All I had to do was follow the step by step numbered directions and within a very short time I had my Vodafone 858 Smart unlocked. It has definitely been a very positive experience working with unlock.my, and when I get more mobile phones as I expand my business (God willing but so far I have been having success, crossing my fingers here) I will go back to unlock.my to get those additional phones unlocked.

  • Jamie

    Just bought a Vodaphone 858 and would like the unlock code so i can use it with a different sim!. So decided to use Unlock.my Thanks Guys for your great service. I have an 858 from Orange Switzerland and it took me less than a minute to unlock it after receiving the code. I received the code from the unlock.my in the same day of my order

  • paskualino

    Needed an unlock code for vodafon 858 and Code came after 24 hours, the live help was good, A little pricey but then the code worked first time and the support was spot on and very quick, I would recommend and use them once again, Peace & Love

    • paskualino

      your unlock code didnt work

      • Have you check that you have given r?the cottect IMEI numne

  • ferusmust

    Hello! I reviewed your page because it’really helpful.
    Can you please give an unlock code for Vodafone 858 with IMEI 357147040461657?
    Can you send it by mail? Thanks !

    review track:

  • bob

    I liked u on facebook.
    PLs provide UNLOCK code for Vodafone 858 IMEI = 356652049601766 Network: Vodafone

  • Hi admin, i need to unlock the 858’s of my mum, the IMEI is: 356652045535729
    Thanks for your help, i’ll share your site with friend and like and everything you want 🙂

  • joy shaw

    hi could you help me please i have a vodafone 858 smartphone and would like the code to unlock the sim network my IMEI is 356652043250925 thanking you for your help in advance, joy.

  • Ahmed

    HI there,
    Please can I get the unlock code for my vodafone smart with IEMI,

  • justnod

    I’d like an unlock code for my Vodafone 858 smart please. The IMEI no is 356652047197148. Thank you.

  • justnod

    I’ve tried both the codes above but am uncertain which, if either of the codes are intentnded for my (Vodafone tied) phone. Neither of them worked. I have double checked the IMEI. Can you help please? Thank you.

    • Have you check that you have given is the cottect IMEI numne

  • Spanish

    Unlock.my was cheaper, and way easier than any other unlocking page I have ever dealt with. It really pays off to check into other people instead of just grabbing the first place you get on Google. It worked out great for me.

  • Csabi

    i have a vodafone 858, locked to vodafone romania. It was pretty simple. Once I found the website all I had to do was email the kind of phone I had and I did not have to wait long. Everyone should use unlock.my because they can work on your phone fast and the directions I got were really easy to follow. That is why I decided to submit a review, so everyone can know not to use anyone else. All the other places make it tough and cost a lot of money.

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    Unlock.my did a great job! I have been using other mobile unlocking webpages to get my Sony Ericsson phone unlocked and they were junk compared to unlock.my.

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    I am happy to write a fantastic review 🙂
    I have been a Sony Ericsson phone customer for a long time. Love them! They work well, they look good and I am a girl that loves to look good. Yes, call me a style diva, but it’s true. Called customer service wanting to get my Sony Ericsson phone unlocked and they were horrible. Very rude to me and telling me that if I cracked my phone that it would no longer be covered under warranty and blah blah blah! So, did not like them telling me that because everyone I know has their phones unlocked and I wanted it done too. My girlfriend Tina told me about unlock.my so I went for it. Found the unlock.my page, and saw there were a lot of people in the forum there that were just like me wanting their phones cracked. Got my phone cracked and it was easier than I thought. Unlock.my you rock!

  • khalid andani

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! A great service and all done in a few minutes. Unlocked my 858 Samrt with no fuss whatsoever. My only criticism would be that the initial price was shown without VAT which made the final amount a little more than expected.

    • khalid andani

      my vodafone 8585 imei is unlcoked, I love Unlock.my

  • khalid andani

    thank you

  • Kris

    It was good experience. Well it’s not rocket surgery, I would be very disappointed if they had got it wrong!

  • Kris

    The code sent as expected.

  • My name is Kris from T and T Cell Phone Repair in Sioux City IA – I have used http://www.unlock.my now several times to unlock various Vodafone mobiles for GSM and its work perfectly every time. It comes with step by step instructions on how to do it. ITS GREAT!! Makes my life really easy. Thanks,

  • Livia

    Hi,Please could give me the unlocking code to vodafone 858 smart?
    My IME is: 356652048439432.
    Thanj you so much

  • Divalproex

    I have a vodafone 858
    IMEI 356652043658739
    I need the unlock code pls

  • Kris

    IMEI 356652048205742

  • Geoffrey Ballard

    Hi I need an unlock code for a Vodaphone 858 the EMI is 357147040927129 I liked your page on facebook, thanks in advance.

  • Mircea

    vodafone 858
    IMEI 356652048918179
    I need the unlock code

  • pop mihai

    Hi! please help me with a code for my child phone,vodafone smart 858, imei 357147040457275,the phone is from romania,locked on vodafone! thank you very much! have a nice day!

    i post a review there,but i don’t get the code,i need that code,please! i have wait for it on my email,whr i can find it? thank you!

    • pop mihai

      thank you,the code is ok,but ,,tasta resetare deblocare blocare simlock ” is apear on the screen,i don’t know how to solve this! thank you very much,you are the best!

  • Tara

    Hey could you give me the unlock code for a vodadafone 858 smart, the imei is 356652044362398

  • Tudor

    I need an unlock code for my Vodafone 858 Smart with
    IMEI: 357147040300343.
    Thank you!

    • Tudor

      I bought a Vodafone 858 which was locked to Vodafone but I had an O2 contract. Unlock.my provided a code and instructions within minutes so that I could use my new phone straight away.

  • adame

    Please help me unlock the vodafone 858 smart. The phones imei is: 357147041390699 Thank you 🙂

  • James

    I cracked the Vodafone 858 phone which was coded to only pick up a certain big name network with, but I wanted to get out of my agreement. I found unlock.my but I was afraid because I found some bad reviews about experiences people had with unlocking websites. I decided to give unlock.my a try seeing that it was safe. I was on pins and needles waiting, and finally got my code by email after only waiting a short time. I followed the instructions that came with the code and to my joy it succeeded after only trying once, and now my Vodafone 858 phone is cracked. I will definitely recommend the unlock.my page to all my friends, because I really had no trouble at all. My Vodafone 858 phone is now on a different network and it’s really running great. My phone is working very fast now!

  • scantyv3

    This has been such a nightmare, but I must tell you what happened. I spent nearly a month trying to get the network provider to unlock my Voda 858 Smarty. I kept calling and ended up listening to a lot of boring music and talking to call centres that were not in the UK before finally getting fed up and then deciding to try getting the phone unlocked online as a desperate measure. Within a half an hour, I had exactly what I wanted and the phone was cracked. Unlock.my website is really easy to use. The codes I needed and the instructions are right there on the page, and I found they were really simple to follow. Overall, I had a great service all round and am highly recommending this website and your services to others. Thank you very much for all that you did for me. I do appreciate it!

  • scantyv3

    Thanks for getting me the unlock code for vodafone 858. great service floks

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    I’m very happy now 😀 Thanks! Great job!

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    Fone:vodafone 858
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    For Sale: at higher price

  • milosz

    Thanks got my unlocking code for Vodafone 858 Smart after two hours, why could you not deliver in 10 minutes?

    Thank you anyway?

    • milosz

      Worked perfectly. Great service – highly recommended.


      • milosz

        This code does not work, is too long.

  • scantyv3

    please help me with the unlock code for vodafone 858.the IMEI is: 356652044282299. I liked Your page.

  • ryan

    hi can you please give me the unlocking code for the vodaphone 858 smart IMEI 356652049548769

  • Hi, please can i get free code to unlock my vodafone 858 smartphone? IMEI: 356652044275202. THANKS

    • frank

      Prompt service and very helpful back-up over the phone. Thanks, M

  • Larbi

    please send me the unlocking code for this EMEI: 356652047549504

    I will be thakfull for u helping me my mail adres is
    [email protected]

  • Larbi

    Huawei 858 aka Vodafone smart U8160

    EMEI: EMEI: 356652047549504

  • Nik Fokas

    Hi, can I please get the code for the following vodafone 858 phones

    1. 357147141815225
    2. 357147040787325
    3. 357147040875757
    4. 357147040877936

    Have bought the family the same phones!


  • Dimi Fokas


    Can I please get the unlock code for my Samsung Monte the IMEI code is 353435047831590


  • alin

    hi my IMEI is 357147040014274

  • Larbi

    still waiting for the Unlock code
    greatings from holland
    hier is my EMEI ö

  • Larbi

    Vodafone 858 Smart
    EMEI: 356652047549504
    Status: Unlocked
    Customer Status: Very Happy 🙂

    thanks sorry for my bad English

    • Larbi

      I hope no one thinks badly of me, but I have to be honest. I’m 84 years old and my eyes are not that great. I have had to stop surfing the web sometimes because a lot of places use really tiny lettering and really ugly colours that make it hard to read their webpage. I stumbled on your page, and I was downright shocked. I could read the font because it was a good size, and the colours did not cause my eyes to strain. I know it may seem weird, but a lot of older folks are using the web and sometimes it can be a pain with eyes not being what they used to be. Thanks for preserving an old man’s eyes and thanks too for helping me jail break my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini phone. Please do not change anything on your webpage. Remember, not everyone that uses your page is 21!

      • Larbi

        it not fair every one got the code exepte me
        despite i submite a nice revieuw on your site
        grating frome hollande

        pleas send me the code my emei :356652047549504
        for Huawei 858 (Vodafone smart ) suissecom as provider

  • alin

    I was extremely pleased with http://www.unlock.my . I chose a cheaper website that promised that it would have a code to me within 24 hours, and 24 hours later, they still didn’t have a code for me. With http://www.unlock.my, the agent told me three minutes, AND I HAD THREE CODES FROM THEM IN THREE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Priscilla

    I have a Vodafone 858 smart. thanks for the good service, i will use again when I need to

  • Priscilla

    Man, I have had so much trouble trying to get my big name provider to help me out! I have a Vodafone 858 Smart Phone and I have called them many times just wanting them to first of all, answer the phone, and second, not drop the call in the middle of a sentence! I guess I should not be surprised. I am sure I am not the first customer they have done this to. But, this time they just went too far and now I want out of their network. Maybe it is mean of me, maybe it is not, but I feel like I have no choice in the matter. I followed a link online and found unlock.my. Thanks to this great website, I got my phone unlocked. Now, my phone is working off of another network and that big named company has nothing to say about it. Take that, big name company!

  • emmanuel

    please can you help me to unlock my vodafone 858 smart or huawei u8160, can I use moneygram?

    imei- 356652044468716. thank you

  • emmanuel

    IMEI – 356652044468716

  • Efehi U

    Hi, I would like an unlock code for my Vodafone Smart858 handset please.

    My IMEI is 356652046183941.

    I’ve just sent you a tweet too. Thanks much


  • diwas

    Very pleased, definitely will use again.

  • edi

    I need unlock code
    IMEI: 356652049768623


    • edi

      I received the unlocking codes 2 minutes after the payment (3 codes). The first worked perfectly. Great job!

  • Michaela

    Hy could you please help me with an unlock code for my 858 smart , my IMEI :357147040120469.

  • Frankie Clark

    Hi! Could you please give me the code to unlock my phone? I have a Vodafone 858 Smart phone and would like to put in my other sim card which is on 3, as the phone is on Vodafone. My EMEI number is 356652047735384

    • Frankie Clark

      I’ve written a good review for you on the site. I hope I get a code,haha.

  • alin

    I submitted a review under the name alin_00 I hope you get me the code. ..

    my IMEI is 357147040014274

  • remus

    I hope you can help me..
    Vodafone 858 smart
    my IMEI is 357147040690735


  • Michaela

    Hy guys…i’ve submited a review under name mihaelanasture.
    Thx hope to get the code.

  • remus

    Hy guys…i’ve submited a review under name remuseeel
    Thx hope to get the code.

  • diwas

    Hey admin i have submitted a review under name diwas101. Thx and hope to get the code asap.

  • George

    Thank you for helping me
    Vodafone 858 smart
    my IMEI is 357147040120469
    Already submitted review under name George

  • Bartosz

    Forgive me if this is a weird review, but when something makes me happy I have no problem letting someone know just as much as I tell someone when they have made me unhappy. As you can tell, I am older and not some spring chicken. I have a Vodafone 858 Smart phone that I wanted broken so I could use it on another website. What is the word, cracked, or unlocked? Well, whatever it is called I needed it done. I don’t do a lot of web searching. Sometimes I get annoyed and frustrated easily. Then another old timer like myself told me about unlock.my. He said he did not have a lick of trouble so I gave it a try like he did. The lady I chatted with on the live chat was very nice and respectful to an old man like me. She got my phone unlocked just fine and I’m grateful.

    • Bartosz

      Been around the web and aye, aye, aye what a terrible headache it has been! I have a Vodafone 858 phone and I just want to jail break it so I can use another network. Why isn’t everyone doing this? I did not even know this was possible. So with the help of my son, a junior techno geek in training, we came across unlock.my. The web person I typed to was really helpful. My son is only fourteen, but he was also able to follow her directions. Because of the very nice lady, we were unable to unlock more than just my phone. Now, everyone in the house has a much faster phone. Thank you so much unlock.my for being so helpful. And here I thought good customer service was dead! Glad I got proven wrong today. People still do care about their customers, something that you really do not see that often.

  • Jess

    A+++ service, unlocked my storm in mins… Highly recommended site jess, india

  • diwas

    very happy with my purchase, the unlock code work very well.it would be more worthy if you guys could provide more codes for orange network in uk, because you dont have unlock code for orange in uk. but very well and prompt response. would recommend to get unlock codes from u. its easy, cheap and fast. keep it up

  • Guy

    I have an Vodafone 858 phone, and I had been reading a lot of new stories about people who had found a way to jail break their phones. I did not know what it was so I looked it up online. I was shocked! I had no idea you could do this! I knew it would cost money, so I went on a search for a cheap service. Unlock.my was relatively inexpensive, a lot cheaper compared to a few of the other places I was considering. I got to do that live chat thing with one of your agents. I cannot tell you how good it made me feel that the person was very understanding and helpful. I really feel that the price I paid was worth it. I was treated really well which makes a difference to me, especially when I spend any amount of money.

    • Guy

      Left a comment and posted on my facebook. thanks.

  • burgas

    Hi I needed unlocking code for my Vodafone 858 Smart. Unlock.my delivered in 7 hours, good work, great service.

  • burgas

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  • Klevis

    Hello,I want the unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smart phone (vodafone Albania).

    • Klevis

      Hey left a review under klevis. Done!

  • kim

    pls help me wite the unluck reset key for vodafone 858 and unluck code IMEI 356652049545963

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    Hey left a review under diwas101. Hope to get the code asap. Thx

  • scantyv3

    please help me with the unlock code for vodafone 858.the IMEI is: 356652044282299. I liked Your page and i have left a review

    • scantyv3

      Thank You……………

  • Michael

    Hi there, please help, I purchased an unlocked vodafone 858 smart phone(or so i tought) on the internet but it was not unlocked, how stupid of me, could you please help its IMEI is 356652048566937. looking forward to hearing from you.

    • I dont think this one can be unlocked, what network is it locked to?

  • mick

    Its on the vodafone ireland network. Thanks

  • I need unlock code for my HUAWEI Vodafone 858 with IMEI no 356652044478806

  • reazone

    Hey. Can you give me please the code for my IMEI: 356652044210944

  • HI
    PLEASE HELP ME MY IMEI IS :356652044307435

    • I was very satisfied with unlock.my. I live in France and it was no problem to unlock my French Vodafone 858. I received my code the same afternoon. Thank you for a good service and clear instructions. Tracy.

      • great and fast service, works perfectly, thanks Zaphenath Queensland Australia

  • Gemma

    Fantastic!! really works… thanks!

  • pali78

    My HUAWEI Vodafone 858 is now working on the vodafone Hungary network. Worked well, if a little slow.

    • pali78

      I received the code within the promised time frame and the whole process of unlocking was easy and quick. Good instructions. Cheers! I am happy to put my name to it.

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  • Michael

    Incredibly easy, incredibly quick! Most reliable company for this type of service on the web, by far. I felt I could trust them

  • Fredolin

    im using vodafon 858 on Optus Australia since I moved here for work. Thanks Unlock.my

  • mick

    Hi Admin

    That code did not work, it must the fact that the mobile is made for vodafone that it seems to be unlockable, thanks for trying. I have an old nokia 6131 locked to o2, its imei code is 355509/01/345394/0 would you may be have beter luck with unlocking code for it. Looking forward to heating from you


    • mick

      Hi Admin

      Still waiting for news


  • Abby

    Here is my IMEI 356652045673124 can i have thw unlock code? Is an Vodafone 585 smartphon

  • Mark

    Evening guys, anychance of an unlock for my 858?

    Here’s the IMEI: 357147040754523


    • mark

      Thats the survey in guys.
      Thanks again.

      • mark

        Didnt work this time but thanks 4 trying..T

  • Ashraf Hamdy

    I want the unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smart phone. The IMEI number is 356652049313016

    • Ashraf Hamdy

      I wrote the review. again, thanks for your fast and free service.

  • joseph

    hi I want the unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smart phone. The IMEI number is 356652044471488

  • i need unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smartphone. my imei number is 356652047695190. please i really need it! Thank you! 🙂

  • i need unlocking code for my vodafone 858. my imei number is 356652047695190. please i really need it! Thank you!

  • John

    I need the unlocking code for my vodafone smart II. My imei number is 862924011428651.

  • I found your website easy to use & I would definitely recommend it. On other websites they state it could take up to 7 days for the unlock code to arrive, but with your site it only took around 2 hours which was brilliant!

    • Dumb Bunny

      Unlock code worked fime for my Vodafone 858 IMEI 356652047733173

  • John

    The service was excellent Vodafone wanted more money and 20 days to unlock my 858 smart. These folks dis this in a couple of days!! It would have been quicker if I had given the correct info first !!! Thanks

  • joseph
  • gekko

    Hello, Vodafone 858 smart.
    Here is my IMEI 357147041297977 can I have the unlocking code, please..

  • safavi

    Thanks for the the unlocking code worked a treat, cna you do it faster next time.

    • safavi

      A bit expensive but I Ordered my unlock code for my Vodafone 858 and was amazed to see my e-mail within about 20 mins!! Excellent service and it worked first time. Brilliant!!! but a little expensive

  • robert

    hi dude lookin for an unlock code for a vodafone smart 2 glam phone. the IEMI number is : 862924011291372 thanks mate 🙂

    • robert

      I have also sent in a review

      • robert

        no luck code didnt work 🙁

  • stephen

    hi can i get an unlock code imei 862924010040044 vodafone smart 2 vf860

  • Cori

    Hi I would like an unlocking code for my Vodafone 858 Smart IMEI: 356652048547432 Thanks

    • Cori

      I have also sent in a review

      • nigel devaney

        could i get an unlock code for a vodafone smart 858. imei code 356652044346110. please

  • Bastian

    Brauche einen Freischaltcode für mein Vodafone 858, meine IMEI: 356652044231338
    Vielen Dank

    • Bastian

      These guys are for real! Got my code in just a couple minutes and worked perfectly!

  • Bastian

    Benötige freischaltcode IMEI: 356652044231338

  • Julian frost

    Please can I have the unlock code for a Vodefone 858 smart
    imei is 356652046282016.

    Julian Frost

    • Julian frost

      2nd review down Peepssmile also liked in facebook

    • julian frost

      Good service – prompt email delivery of codes, clear instructions, and the first code worked immediately.

    • Julian frost

      Have done a review and liked on Facebook.

  • Julian frost

    imei code = 356652046282016
    please can I have the unlock code for a vodfone 858 smart

    Julian Frost

  • Bastian

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    • khalid andani

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      • khalid andani

        Thanks fro my code my vodafone 858 is unlocked, good value for money

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    i have used these Guys alot and there FAULTLESS cant recommend enough AAAAA++++

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    I need to unlock the vodafone 858 smart the phones imei is 356652047693724

    • Giles

      I’ve added a review on reviewcentre. Great service! I ordered my code for an unlock code and recieved the code 2 hours later. Followed the instructions and it worked like a charm. I would definitely recommend unlock.my to anyone.

  • mihai

    Hey admin if u don’t mind how long i need to wait to get my code?You said that i will get it in few hours but pass 2 days already and nothing happened.I am waiting for your answer.Thank you.

  • zapp

    Hi! Can you please help me with unlock code for my vodafone smart 858?
    My IMEI is 357141299528.

    I just like your page on gacebook: https://www.facebook.com/unlock.my


  • Phil

    Hi admin. I also want the unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smart phone. The IMEI number is 356652044501854 thank you very much

    • Phil

      The second code worked like a charm with my 858 Vodafpone Smart. Thank you so much guys!

  • Samuel

    please i need the unlock code for my huawei U8160
    the imei is 356652044453122. thank u

    • Samuel

      Added a review

    • nanasticks

      I need the unlocking code for vodafone 858 the imei number is 356652044285037.

    • nana yaw

      unlock hawei u8160 imei 356652044285037

  • mihai

    AMAZING! Who knew unlocking a Vodafone 858 could be so quick, easy and cheap. Thank you!

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    I just liked your Facebook page and will write a review soon. Great service got my unlock code for my my Vodafone858.

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    • Michael

      I posted a review and also liked Your facebook page.

  • Armindo


  • Third code worked for me, am impressed by code in three minutes .. cheers.

  • rohitkumar

    Excellent service. I was given a Vodafone 858 from a friend living in UK (Orange UK locked), and I managed to unlock it in a matter of minutes. Keep up the good work. I would easily recommend your services. Thanks again,

  • Darrel Gulacsi

    Hi, great article & service – I’ve liked it on fb. Could u provide an unlock code for IMEI 356652046539679 pls?
    Thank u

    • Darrel Gulacsi

      IMEI is 356652046539670

  • Laura Kelly

    Hi can I have my unlocking code please
    imei :356652045984067

  • PLS CAN U SND ME THE UNLOCK CODE FOR 356652044294864

  • PLS SND ME THE NLCK CODE FOR 356652044294864

  • rs

    hi can get unlock code

  • jani

    Hi admin,
    I also want the unlocking code for my vodafone 858 smart phone. The IMEI number is 356652043979929 thank you very much!

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