Unlock Codes For A Samsung Galaxy Ace


The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a touchscreen smartphone that was released in early 2011. It was designed to be a mid-level smartphone, between the budget-conscious Galaxy Mini and the flagship Galaxy S.

Like all the Galaxy phones, the Galaxy Ace is a GSM phone. However, it is shipped with a SIM lock preventing you from being able to use your phone with carriers other than the one from which you purchased it.

It is perfectly legal to unlock your cell phone. Once it’s unlocked, you can use it with a different carrier when travelling. Unlocking a Samsung phone does not void the warranty, and it remains unlocked even if Samsung updates the phone’s software. You just need a Samsung-specific code to remove the SIM lock with which the phone is shipped. The Samsung unlock codes are 8 digits long.

The good news is that it’s possible for you to unlock a Samsung phone for free. Some phone carriers will give you the required code you need for unlocking a Samsung phone if you call them and give them your phone details, or stop in to their store. You will still have to buy a new SIM card for the new carrier, but those are inexpensive and available from any cell phone store. Being able to unlock a Samsung phone for free is better than having to pay for Samsung unlocking codes, so it’s definitely worth checking with your provider before following other avenues. If they give you the unlock code, follow their instructions to unlock the phone.

If your provider doesn’t want to give you the Samsung unlocking codes, getting rid of the SIM lock is still simple to do! You just have to buy a SIM card and one of the specific Galaxy Ace unlock codes from a third party vendor. The SIM card needs to be associated with a phone carrier other than the one which is your phone carrier.

Once you receive the new SIM card and unlock code, you don’t need anything else to be able to unlock your Galaxy Ace. Simply follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Remove your existing SIM card, and replace it with the new SIM card for a carrier other than the one which is your current carrier.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will either ask you for your password, or warn you that you have an incorrect SIM card and tell you to insert the correct one.

5. If you receive the password prompt, simply enter the unlock code you were given. Otherwise, enter the following code string, where nnnnnnnn is the 8-digit unlock code you were given: #7465625*638*nnnnnnnn#

Once you have successfully unlocked your phone, you will be able to use your Galaxy Ace with any GSM carrier.


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