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In this post we show you how to unlock a HTC wildfire S.  The HTC Wildfire S hit the Android market in 2010, and was one of the first Android smart phones to be affordable to most (in comparison with the original smart phones), with a sleek but sturdy design that encompasses an uncompromising operating system within. The HTC Wildfire allows you to socialise and surf in style with multi-window browsing and Flash support. Never miss a moment with the high quality 5 megapixel camera with flash, and keep up with your mates by instantly uploading to any social network in minutes. And if all that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with this smart phone, access to the 1000’s of apps on Android market should seal the deal.

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HTC Wildfire S Unlock

Because the HTC wildfire S was such a success people wanted to unlock it and use it on their new network

So it is no wonder people do not want to let go of their HTC Wildfire S when contracts are up or network service providers are switched. And it couldn’t be easier to keep hold of, with these simple and easy to follow instructions. Now even the most technophobic of us can unlock our cell phones using a cell phone unlock code.

First things first, you need to get an unlock code. This is a special code created by manufacturers to be used to remove the SIM lock placed on the phone at the request of network service providers to prevent you from changing your provider.

Requesting an unlock called from your network operator can be a frustrating and expensive task

This unlock code can be obtained in a number of ways. The safest and easiest way is to ask your network service provider for it. However, not all providers will offer it to you free of charge, and some can charge up to £20. If you don’t want to pay that there are various websites and independent phone retailers that will offer you anything from the unlock code alone to the full cell phone unlocking service. They will charge but it is usually cheaper than £20. There are also various cell phone unlocking forums with free advice, unlock codes and reviews from real life people who have tried out the unlock codes already, so you can be sure they will work, or know the retailer or website you choose is reliable.

Choose for not just an unlock called but an unlocking service

Once you have the unlock code, the next step is to put a sim card in your HTC Wildfire S that is not usually accepted, i.e. is not from your usual network service provider. Then turn the phone back on with and a message the same or similar to ‘enter unlock pin’ should appear. You then enter the unlock code, and press ‘Enter’. The unlock code should be accepted by the phone and your HTC Wildfire S is unlocked. If the unlock code is not accepted, then try using a different unlock code, or contact your provider.

You can trust is a leading provider of unlocking calls, it has unlocked thousands of wildfire S cellphones. We only provide codes which come from your phone’s manufacturer, so you can be assured that they would damage or affect the service of your phone in anyway. You can also get peace of mind from the fact that is verified by, which means that your transaction is secure. What’s more, if for some unknown reason, we are unable to unlock your particular phone. Then we’ll give you all of your money back. And that’s a guarantee.


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  • Got my phone unlocked yesterday! Works perfect after simply connecting it to itunes. So happy! thank you sooo much! I Definitely recommend this service, its fast and reliable and a 100% dependable

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    First Class – I just bought and unlocked two phones in under 10 mins. Now on Orange and love them. Service from this company is excellent and love the on line chat support.

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    I had lots of questions regarding the unlock for my HTC wildfire Ellis. and they were all answered in minutes. After getting the unlocked by e-mail, it was straightforward to unlock, 4 minute, painless process. Thoroughly recommended.

    • Emma

      Great service and great support. I cannot fault this service one bit. You deliver on your promises. I cannot ask for any more. Cheers and thank you so much for making the unlocking process as painless as possible. I really do appreciate it. USING MY VIRGIN SIM CARD NOW. UNLOCKS WITHIN MINUTES.

      • Emma

        thanks chaps super work

  • Jayden

    great stuff body just got an e-mail with my HTC Wildfire code I’m now and working with Telstra Australia, worked sweet is a nut

    • Jayden

      Thank You Adam sooooo much! I am happy to put my name to this service

    • sefira23

      thank you for the unlock code for htc wildfire s everything worked perfectly
      my imei is 356435040120642

  • Tony Stark

    I got my unlock code for a HTC Wildfire S which is currently working perfectly well on Orange. The IMEI number is 358225044257401
    Many thanks much appreciated

  • Basil

    just got the unlock code for my htc wilfire s thanks . My imei no is 358225044396795. Think you

  • roman

    hallo ich brauche einen freischaltecode für mein htc wildfire s das ist auf drei und oich brauche es aber für bob kann mir da wer helfen danke

    • roman

      mein ime ist 354692047236787 gud.

  • silja123

    Good evening, thanks for the unlock code for my HTC Wildfire s with imei 358968046473274 I am now using the network Serbian vip with no problems.

    • silja123

      yes I got my code but I had to pay for it. I thought everything on the Internet was free.
      Can I have a free code.