UnlockPhone.codes Android App

Christmas Launch of the UnlockPhone.codes Android App

It’s here!! Christmas for our customers comes with the launch of our brand new UnlockPhone.codes App! The App will allow you to take the UnlockPhone.codes website with you wherever you go and get your unlocking codes. Best of all it’s FREE!

With our brand new UnlockPhone.codes App you can order your unlocking code form the palm of your hand. You can also manage your account, make payment, get unlocking codes and track your order.

UnlockPhone.codes Android App
UnlockPhone.codes Android App

Same as the UnlockPhone.codes website the UnlockPhone.codes App has everything from “FAQs” to “How to Guides”. It also has a wealth of tip and ticks on how to unlock your phone so you can use it on any network and make best use of your device. Having the UnlockPhone.codes App will give you access to tech news, exclusive offers and more!

The landing page has a slick pop up menu with six quick links to pick from – “Home”, “Unlock”, “Tracking”, “FAQs”, “Blog” and “More”. Clicking on the “More” option will bring you to another screen which will present nine more option – How to “Guide”, “Notification”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Pinterest”, “Google+”, “Videos”, “Contact” and “About”. These links makes it really easy to navigate be it for a user who is new to ordering an unlocking code or tracking the order. Customer who want to learn more about how unlocking works can visit our Blog section

For now the UnlockPhone.codes App is available on Android but out technical team is working hard to get the iOS version out soon.

So Android phone user, why wait? Download the UnlcokPhone.codes Android App today and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

UnlockPhone.codes Android App
UnlockPhone.codes Android App
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