Unlocking A Motorola Cell Phone: Insider Information

How to Unlocking A Motorola Cell Phone

How to Unlocking A Motorola Cell Phone

Motorola makes a large number of different kinds of smartphones. They also make traditional cell phones. There are many other cell phone models that they previously manufactured but have now discontinued. A large number of those phones are still actively in use today. The sheer variety of phones is mind boggling. How can any instruction apply to all the different varieties of cell phones made by Motorola? So read on and we will tell you how to Unlocking A Motorola Cell Phone without any hassle.

Yet, the method for Motorola mobile unlocking is consistent for all Motorola cell phones. The only thing that changes is the Motorola SIM code that is specific to each unique cell phone. How can this be so?

The reason is that when unlocking phones Motorola phones are some of the simplest to unlock. Many different cell phone service providers offer the same model Motorola phone, so Motorola needs a simple way to lock the phone to whichever carrier is selling it. The phones are manufactured unlocked, and someone at Motorola enters a simple code number into the phone to tell it which carrier it should be locked to. These locking code numbers are kept in a database along with their matching unlocking codes, organized by the phones’ IMEI numbers. When unlocking phones Motorola phones are looked up in the database by their unique IMEI number and the Motorola SIM code is retrieved.

How to Unlocking A Motorola Cell Phone

Unlocking your phone is just as easy for you as locking it was easy for Motorola. All you have to do is enter the unlocking code. There’s no software to download, no cable hook-up, and no confusing technical gobbledygook. Your phone stays covered by its warranty, and once it’s been unlocked, it stays unlocked even if a new version of the phone’s software is rolled out by Motorola.

To get the unlocking codes you need to find someone who can search the code number database for you. Fortunately, this is very easy. Your current cell phone carrier can look up your phone by its IMEI number and give you the code you need. They’ll generally do this for free, in return only asking that you be a fully paid up customer, that you’ve been their customer for a certain set period of time, and that you haven’t had them do another lookup for you within a certain set time frame.  If you don’t meet those criteria, you can pay an online phone unlocking service to look up your phone by its IMEI number.

Unlocking A Motorola Cell Phone instructions.

Lastly, to finish the Motorola mobile unlocking you’ll need to buy a new SIM card from a provider other than your current carrier. These are widely and inexpensively available.

Once you have your code and new SIM card, follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Take out your existing SIM card. Insert the new SIM card.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will request a subsidy code.

5. Enter the code you received.

When the phone accepts the code, it unlocks, and it can then be used with any GSM carrier.



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