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It’s possible to unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini phones with a free app that’s available on the Android Market, but this method can be tiresome as first it’s necessary to get the phone rooted. This will require you to Google rooting for a tutorial and will make the procedure unnecessarily lengthy

It’s also possible to unlock your cell for free, following instructions that can be readily found on cell unlock code forums, but again, the phone will need to be rooted first before you can do this. Additionally, the procedure for unlocking even when it is rooted is fairly complex and unless you’re an advanced user, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Both of these methods also offer no guarantee and you will find disclaimers along with unlock instructions which tell you that the site takes no responsibility for phones that become ‘bricked’ or hard locked during the unlock process.

However, that’s not to say that you can’t get your Samsung Galaxy Mini unlocked, of course you can and the following method is the easiest and safest method around. You have two options to unlock your mobile, the first is to call your carrier and just ask them for an unlock code. Some are more cooperative than others and all of them will charge you a fee, usually around €25-30.

The second method is to use an online cell unlock code supplier. There are a plethora of these to be found online and it’s not something that you will have to search extensively for. However, like everything in life, some are better than others so ensure you do a little research before settling on a mobile unlocking service.

Make sure you:samsung galaxy mini unlock codes

  • Check out companies on eBay, there are lots to be found and the beauty of this is that you can find out what previous customers have said via their feedback
  • Avoid services that ask you to call a number to retrieve your code; these are generally premium rate numbers that will cost a fortune
  • Have a good look around the site of any unlock code supplier you may use – look for phone numbers and addresses to ensure that your provider is genuine

Once you have done this, then it’s just a matter of giving the phone’s information to the supplier. First find your IMEI number by typing *#06# into the keypad, it will then be displayed on screen as a 15-17 digit number – make absolutely sure you copy this down correctly, check and then double check.

Next give this number and your country and network to the unlock code provider and pay the fee. You will then receive the unlock code on screen or by email, depending on who you use, along with instructions for carrying out the procedure. That’s it, no mystery, no fuss, just a Samsung Galaxy Mini unlocked to use with any network you choose.



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  1. il mio dispositivo : samsung galaxy mini s5570
    gestione : samsung italia
    imei: 359234045888890
    vorrei il codice di sblocco per favore

  2. ho messo like sul tuo commento su fb posso mettere like
    il codice di restrizione dove lo devo mettere

  3. Hi there could i please get the unlock code for my samsung galaxy mini gt5570
    IMEI: 36716045105484
    Thank you so much.

  4. David O'Connor on

    trying to unlock a samsung s557s imei 357863043557529. If you coul dhelp it would be much appreciated……



  5. Hi i have a Samsung Galaxy Mini, The Imei number:352752/05/046966/7 ….could u please tell me the unlock code?and how to implement it into the phone?

    Thanks a million

  6. Dear Sir!
    I want to Unlock my SUMSUNG GT S5230.My Phone IMEI IS:351750043006555.
    Your help will be highly appriciated.
    Best Regards

  7. hi ive got a samsung galaxy gt-s5570 locked to the three network and need it unlocked my imei number is 358793040809145 if anyone can get me a code it will be much appreciated many thanks

  8. hi
    i have a samasung galaxy mini
    imei – 358524/04/544457/4
    much appreciate if u can give me the unlock code..

  9. Dear,

    My IMEI is 352052052466138, my network is Telenor and country Serbia.

    If you can help unlcok my Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 you will be more than welcome to reccomend me to leave positive feedback whenever you want!

    Appreciate your time,


  10. Hi,

    Could someone help to unlock my new 3 mobile Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570. Actually I’ve bought this as Pay as you go mobile in a Three store. I never expected this will be network locked.

    Could you please provide the network unlock key for the IMEI#352752/05/08470/7

  11. Hi, can you please help me unlock my Samsung Mini ??
    the current carrier is Movistar (Argentina) and the IMEI is: 357198/04/017446/9

  12. Hi! I wrote a review for you guys. Could you help me with a imei unlock code? imei: 356716041373318; samsung gt-s5570; orange. Thanks!

  13. Hi, Admin Would it be possible to obtain the phone operator unlock code
    Samsung Calaxy mini-GT – S5570I Operator: DNA Ltd. (EU / AU)
    IMEI: 351740051470728
    BR tuojoppes

    • Hei, Admin Olisiko mahdollista saada puhelimeen operaattorin avauskoodin
      Samsung Calaxy mini-GT – S5570I Operaattori: DNA Oy (EU / FIN)
      IMEI: 351740051470728
      BR tuojoppes

  14. Hello, I have a Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 with and IMEI : 359234047393881 I wasa hoping you could give me an unlock code for AT &T in the US. This was originally in ireland though on a vodafone network. Thanks!

  15. Can I get an unlock code for a Samsung galaxy mini gt s5570 IMEI: 351729051273414 I have likedu on Facebook 🙂

  16. Can i please get a free code? I’ll follow you on twitter and facebook and share your site with friends 😀

    Its a samsung galaxy mini locked on 3
    imei- 358793044632352

  17. hi pleasa help me for enter network lock control key my samsung galaxy GT S5570-IMEI356716047795118 pleasa help me.Ineed is work for saudi arabic sim

  18. Hi there i need an unlocking code for my samsung galaxy mini s5570 imei 351729051983608 its locked on orange uk. Thanks

  19. Hello i want a free unlocking code for Samsung Mini GT S5570
    IMEI: 358883049959783
    Movistar Spain
    i have click like, thanks

  20. Okoekhian Abraham on

    I want to sincerely thank the management of this wonderful site. And I commend your effort of working tirelessly in finding solutions to people phone. Could you please help me with network unlock code for Samsung galaxy mini GT-S5570i with IMEeI:358524040981364. Thanks and God bless.

  21. Hey!
    My IMEI is 352752056128267
    and my phone is locked to the spanish network orange.
    Could you possibly help me unlock it?
    Many thanks!

  22. Hi
    Very happy to add a review. Please can you send unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 with IMEI 358048044869706

  23. Hi, could you please supply unlock code for my wifes samsung galaxy mini. IMEI is :-358048041620706. Phone is locked on Orange network in Spain.
    Many Thanks.

  24. hi!
    i’ve got the same problem with my samsung gt-s5570, could you send me the unlock code please? My IMEI is 356794043697109

    how can i help you with the like on fb?

    enrico from italy

  25. hi!

    i’ve got the same problem with my samsung gt s5570, could you send me the unlock code please?
    My IMEI is 356794043697109
    how can i help you with a review?

  26. i am from croatia. samsung cell is locked network. this site is great. i give you a like on facebook. IMEI : 359234044049699418

  27. i am from croatia. samsung galaxy mini s5570 cell is locked network. this site is great. i give you a like on facebook. IMEI : 359234044049699418

  28. Olá.. tenho um mini galaxy…
    perdi ele… e bloquei o imei dele.. mas agora nao consigo desbloquear ele..
    como faço?
    o imei é: 356002040190320


  29. can you unlock this phone please. phone imei number is 359239020939683
    the phone is a toshiba tg 01. its locked to orange uk

  30. Hi,
    I have a Samsung Europa GT-I5500
    The IMEI is 356026041724191.
    It is on the 3 Hutchinson netwrok in Ireland.
    It would be fantastic if you could unlock it for me as I am now in Spain for a year and need to change my carrier.
    Many thanks,

  31. hello can i please get the code to unlock my galaxy mini for Antigua for the Digicel carrier the imei is 351729055564149 thank u

  32. Hello there beloved admins. Please could you send a unlock codes for my samsung galaxy mini GT-s5570 IMEI 355558042191682 locked to sun cellular network philippines. pls help me out. thank you in advanced!

  33. Hello there beloved admins. Please could you send a unlock codes for my samsung galaxy mini GT-s5570 IMEI 355558042191682 locked to sun cellular network philippines. pls help me out. thank u in advanced!

  34. Hi.

    I’m Kourt, I live in England and I’d like it if you could get me a network unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570, it’s on T-Moblie but when I put my o2 sim it just won’t work, really need the code would mean a lot. My IMEI is: 359234042494619. It’d mean a whole lot. E-mail me the code, if you can get the code that is. My e-mail is kourtyaschuk@live.com. Thank you.

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  36. hey, i’ve got the same problem with my samsung gt s5570, could you send me the unlock code please? My IMEI is 356108048530803. Tank You!

  37. Please, i need help for unlock my cellular phone.
    It’s a mini galaxy GT S5570, IMEI 356794040372672 Telenor in Hungary.
    Thank you very very much!

  38. Hi reading online I read that you can help me unlock the phone part of all operators ITALIANS the phone in question and ‘a Samsung GT S5570 with operator locked H3G 3 and’ I would like to unlock it to put all the cards I want in this phone IMEI number : 356794044591558 – You can send the email Luigi.iPod2@gmail.com ,thanks to hearing from you hello.

  39. Hi i am desperately needing to unlock my samsung galazy mini GT-S5570 as its currently on t-mobile but need it for O2. My IMEI is 351729051262847. Thankyou.Much appreciated.

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