Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830) [video]

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Samsung Galaxy Ace

In this article we show you how and where to get an Unlocking Code for a Samsung Galaxy Ace, also referred to as the (GT-S5830). Whilst there are plenty of resources available online that teach how to “Unlock” or “rootyour mobile phone, this is really unnecessary if you just want to remove the SIM lock. The above procedures are generally carried out in order to install software or to remove the carrier branding from your device, but they don’t need to be used in order to input Samsung Galaxy Ace Unlocking Codes.

How to get an Unlocking Code for a Galaxy Ace is placed on a cell at the point of manufacture in order to lock the phone so that it can only be used on that network. This is carried out so that carriers can recoup their investment which they lay out in order to provide subsidized handsets and tempt you into using their services in the first place.

This video will show you how to get Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy Ace

However, this doesn’t mean that you are bound by law to keep the phone locked and you’re perfectly within your rights to have the SIM lock removed. You can call up your service provider and ask them for an unlock code and this probably represents your safest route, but it’s also often time consuming and costly as the network would still prefer to retain your business, if possible. If your cell is less than six months old and you live in certain countries such as the UK, Ireland or the USA, then it’s likely that your carrier won’t provide an unlock code if your mobile is on a contract.

Even if your carrier won’t give you an unlock code, or if you prefer not to take this route, then there are plenty of professional online mobile unlocking services that you can use and these are usually reasonably priced too.

Where to get your Samsung Galaxy Ace Unlock Code

So as you are looking for an Unlock codes for your Samsung Galaxy Ace, take the following steps:

  • Hit eBay and check out what previous customers are saying about the unlock code suppliers on the auction site. This is very useful as many of the suppliers have websites too and their eBay feedback will give you a good indication of the kind of service they provide.
  • Avoid sites that ask you to call them for your unlock code, these often use premium rate lines that can be very pricey.
  • Check for transparent contact details on the unlocking service site and that they offer a full guarantee in the event something should go wrong.

Now that you’ve settled on a supplier for your code, all you have to do is provide them with your IMEI number, country and the network your Samsung Galaxy Ace is locked to. In order to find out your IMEI number, simply type in *#06# on your phone’s keypad and the 15-17 digit number will be displayed on screen. It’s important to ensure that this is copied down correctly so that you get a correct unlock code.

Then you just pay the fee and receive your code either on-screen or by email, along with instructions on how to input the unlock code. Once you have done this, your instructions should look something like the below:

  1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card (ie: one that the phone is NOT locked to)
  2. Go to the unlock menu (SIM>Network>Unlock Pin)
  3. Type in the code that your mobile unlocking service provider gave you

That’s it! You should now have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Ace which you can now use on any GSM network in the world.

Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830)
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Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830)
In this article we show you how and where to get an Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy Ace, also called (GT-S5830)
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  2. Shivneel mudaliar on

    Fone:Samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830t
    locked to telstra network
    Tell me how to pay

  3. Just left a review and desperatly need your help. Samsung galaxy ace s5830d unlocked and then relocked a week later? IMEI is 359079040136401. could you please send me the code again as i am unable to retrieve the first one as my cat peed on the laptop i used and it will no longer boot so i cannot look at the omnius log to see what the code was. i have two more phones to unlock but i am skeptical because the site i originally purchased from is of no help at all

  4. Hi there im back again and i left a review! It seems I messed up my imei code last time, im sorry! MWe’rey imei: 359079040931421 could you please get me the correct code? Thanks!

  5. Hi, it’s me again. I reviewed, so can I please get the correct unlock code? correct imei: 359079040931421 Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi i have samsung galaxcy ace GT-S5830 ongingerbread 2.3.6 On netvork Three ireland IMEI 357238040182896 culd you help me with netvork code please.i v been tryin for weeks.

  7. Hello i have samsung galaxcy ace GT-S5830 ongingerbread 2.3.6 IMEI is 352931056552490 could you give me netvork code please. Thanks

  8. Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i on network 3 UK.
    IMEI: 352079059552636.
    Please unlock my phone??? 🙁

    Review has been left under the same name.

  9. hi,

    Please help i need to know my unlock code, mine is “samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830” with IMEI# 351725055831470

  10. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 on 3 Network in the UK.

    IMEI: 351725058708709

    Could I please have the unlock code? I have left a review under the name Tyler456.

    Thank you!

  11. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 on 3 Network in the UK.

    IMEI: 351725058708709

    How much for this unlock code?

  12. Hie ther ,I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i , IMEI 352079058842947 and its on the 3 network , please can u send me the unlock code

  13. Hi,
    I have a nokia E5 locked to T-mobile uk. Its
    IMEI : 351663054133244

    I would really appreciate if you could help me to unlock this phone.

    Many thanks

  14. Hey, I’ve sent out a tweet as publicity. 🙂
    Make: Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Model: GT s5839i
    Carrier: 3
    IMEI: 352079058310911

    Unlock code?

  15. hello good people… I have a:

    – Samsung Galaxy Ace;
    – GT-S5830;
    – network: vodafone P;
    – IMEI: 357655048961775;
    – IMEI SV: 01.

    Can you tell me the UC please?

  16. Please, how much to unlock my Galaxy Ace, my IMEI is 357655043433481
    Thank you in advance, I will leave a good review! 😉

  17. can someone plz tell mi how to unlock my samsung galaxy ace s5830d plzzzzzzzzzz imei number is 359079/04/309287/4

  18. Hi, can you help me generate the unlock code for my samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830D which locked by koodo canada;MY imei: 359079043191569
    many thanks.

  19. Please help me with the code for my SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (GT-S5830) IMEI 359580042917730. I will be grateful. Here in Africa we dont have corner expects who can unlock phones.

  20. Hi Admin,
    I have the SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE S5830 /LOCKED TO T-Mobile UK/ IMEI: 357238043199509

    Can you provide the unlock code please?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hi can you pleaseee unlock my phone for me, Samsung Galaxy gt s5830 – IMEI : 358049043846125, would be really grateful! I will

  22. Hi can you pleaseee unlock my phone for me, Samsung Galaxy gt s5830 – IMEI : 358049043846125, would be really grateful! Thanks!

  23. hi i have a samsung galaxy ace s5830 imei :357238047590448
    locked to orange network
    can i get a free unlock code please 🙂

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  25. SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (GT-S5839i) IMEI 352079058326636 hi any chance of a unlock code at the mo its on 3 and how much cheers

  26. Hello, could you please see if you can find an unlock code for a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, IMEI number: 359580041507011. How can I pay? Thanks!

  27. SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (GT-S5830) IMEI=359079/04/111633/7
    Its with koodo please help me unlock it ive been having trouble.

    how much?

  28. ashley wallis on

    please can you unlock my galaxy ace my imei number is 358049046225053. my mate wants to cell me this phone but he doesnt know how to unlock it. many thanks x

  29. Hi,

    My samsung nexus has been locked by the network. Only problem is, I do not know which network. Will you still be able to provide the unlock code if I give you the imei number?

  30. salut,
    je voudrai bien avoir le code de déverrouillage de mon cell samsung galaxy ace
    model : GT-S5830D
    android version : 2.3.4
    fournisseur Koodo mobile Canada
    # IMEI :359079041981078
    merci beaucoup

  31. Hi, i’ve got my locked Samsung GT-5830 mobile phone with 15 digit IMEI number 359790040288147 , I really would be appreciated can you unlock it, how much?


  32. How much for an unlocking code for my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S580i locked by virgin meadia imei Number: 353103/05/991997/2

    Many Thanks in Advance


  33. Hi cthankx for unlocking my phone for me, SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (GT-S5830) – IMEI : 359236045091524, locked to SFR 3G France network , how much for an unlocking code would I will. THANKS VERY MUCH

  34. hey, thanks for unlocking my samsung galaxy ace gt5830M without any contract but its locked its Claro-Chile and i cant use any simcard

  35. hi i got Samsung GT-S5839i IMEI 352079/05/884407/5 and its got network lock .plz help me get 4 me network lock coad.thankx

  36. HI,
    I have a samsung galaxy ace (GT-S5830d, and my IMEI is 359079043821603/02, it’s a pre paid phone from telus and i need a unlock code.
    plz help, tried other stuff like galaxy ace unlock and it does’nyt work.
    thanl you

  37. HI,
    I have a samsung galaxy ace (GT-S5830d, and my IMEI is 359079043821603/02, it’s a pre paid phone from telus and i need a unlock code.
    plz help, tried other stuff like galaxy ace unlock and it does not work.
    i’ve already like your page on my facebook
    thank you

  38. I’m using samsung galazy ace gt s5830 of 3 network. i need ur help to unlock my cell.
    my IMEI number is 358794049350503.
    waiting ur reply
    thank u.

  39. My phone is locked to Koodoo and would like it open to Telus. Samsung Galaxy Ace Model GT-S5830 IMEI 359079040084585 How i order?

  40. Hi, I have a Koodo mobile samsung Ace hich I paid I want to unlock it so I can travel with. Here is my MEI: 359079041342 156/02 please can I have a code to unlock it. Many Thanks

  41. Can you sell me an unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5830D
    and the IMEI is 359079040815194.
    This is my third purchase.Thank you.

  42. Hi i have a samsung galaxy ace its on 3g the imei num is 351865053385515 do you have an unloc code thankyou, PS how do I pay?

  43. Hi Guys could you help me with an unlock code for Samung Galaxy Ace on uk tesco imei 352085058681003..
    many thanks i will leave good feedback and if i could do something for you ?

    best regards

    • Thanks for your consideration, unfortunately i was going to purchase this phone for my wife from a friends son, i have to decide by today, so it will have to go back as we are o2 and the phone is Tesco mobile… i realise that this service is done freely.. once again i wish you could have helped..

      i wish all the best


  44. SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (GT-S5830D) IMEI 359079044182856 currently locked with KOODO. How to order?. I hope will will get a help from you. thanks a lot.

  45. Hello, How do I order an unlock code for Samsung galaxy ace GT S5830. do you accept PayPal? IMEI:351724/05/218406/6

  46. Please send Unlock PIN for Samsung Galaxy Ace ( S5830) IMEI 354722/05/710052/2 Carrier – Vodafone FJ … How do i order?

  47. Hi, I am a returning customer, happy with the service I received the last time.
    i now need to unlock my SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (GT-S5830) IMEI 359899049751441
    network: vodafone spain

  48. Hello can you help me…? my phone Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 is unlocked and this is My IMEI 359236046157894. your site has been recommended to me by a friend. How much to unlock this phone?

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