How To Unlock A HTC Wildfire: [video]


Unlocking your HTC Wildfire is easy and simple. In this post we reveal the 3 steps you should follow to unlock your Wildfire in a matter of minutes. The HTC Wildfire  is an Android-system-based smartphone released in 2010. It was intended to replace the HTC Tattoo. Inexpensive and not top of the line but packed with plenty of features, it’s designed to appeal to Facebook users. That said, the Wildfire represents a great value and is sure to be another success story in the HTC phone offerings. It’s a simple looking phone that can do a great deal, and it’s all the more amazing that some of the features were not available on top of the line phones even a few years ago. As you explore this phone, you’ll become more and more impressed; that’s for sure.

How do i unlock a HTC wildfire and keep it safe?

So if you are looking at how to unlock a HTC Wildfire you must first answer one important question is: why unlock a cell phone? Every phone is shipped with a lock on the SIM, which ties the phone to the carrier from whom you bought it.  To gain a choice of carriers by unlocking your cell phone, you’ll need the right unlock mobile phone code to unlock a HTC Wildfire.  Cell phone unlocking codes become available, generally, 6 weeks following the phone’s manufacture date.

Unlocking your HTC is easy, just follow the three easy steps

There’s no risk to unlocking a cell phone.  Understand that phones are originally unlocked; the carriers tell the manufacturers add a SIM lock so the phone is locked into their service. Unlocking beings back the original settings, has zero effect on your warranty, and the phone stays unlocked even when updates are downloaded.

Problems unlocking your wildfire?

As to why unlock a cell phone, the answer is simple. You will reduce your bills when travelling, especially abroad. There, you can use your phone with an inexpensive local carrier’s SIM card. You’ll save by not having to use your carrier’s premium out-of-country services, if such services are even available at all. If they’re not, you could be forced to go days or even weeks without a cell phone unless you were willing to buy a cheap phone at your destination. But then you’d suffer the aggravation of copying over your contact directory. Having an unlocked phone also improves the phone’s resale value.

Your carrier will probably provide the unlock mobile phone code if you request it. Otherwise, the phone code for unlocking your cell phone can be purchased from e-vendors.  Be aware that each cell phone unlocking code is only for a unique phone model.

You will need a new SIM card associated with a phone carrier other than the one which is your current phone carrier. These are cheap, and can be purchased in cell phone stores.

Choose if you want a trouble free experience

Once you’ve got the new SIM card and the code for your HTC Wildfire, use this procedure:

1. Turn off the phone.

2. Take out its SIM card and replace that with the new SIM card from a carrier other than the one that is your current carrier.

3. Turn on the phone.

4. The phone will request the SIM unlock code for the phone.

5. Enter the unlock code.

Your Wildfire should now be unlocked,

That’s it. The phone is set up and ready to use. will unlock your HTC wildfire with a cold which comes from the manufacturer



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