Unlock codes for a HTC Wildfire: [video]

How to het a Unlock codes for a HTC Wildfire

How to het a Unlock codes for a HTC Wildfire

Don’t worry if you’re not technically minded because we were sure you were to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Wildfire. Imagine the scenario, you’ve just purchased a nice shiny new HTC Wildfire and you discover that you have to go abroad for a few months. However, you like your new phone and would much rather take it with you but you know that you can’t use it abroad with your carrier as it will cost you a fortune in roaming charges. The solution? Finding a HTC unlock code and removing the SIM lock that was imposed by the manufacturer on behalf of your carrier.

Getting an unlock code from your network operator is not that easy. In fact, some people have described it as nigh on impossible

Whilst you can just call up your network and ask that they provide you with an unlock code for HTC Wildfire, they may not always be willing to play ball, especially if the cell is on a contract. However, this isn’t the only route you can take as there are plenty of options available to you, the first of which is to find an online professional remote cell unlocking service.

Buying online can be each treacherous experience which you can trust unlock.my after all, were verified by semantic.com

There are a huge amount of these to be found online and they vary in price depending on the service that you choose and the handset that you have. For the HTC Wildfire, unlock codes cost anywhere from around €5-20, which given the variables in price makes it difficult to choose which supplier to use. Do you go for the least expensive, or do you take comfort in the thought that the highest price promises the better service? To help you to pin it down, take the following steps.

Unlocking your wildfire is easy but you must follow the instructions exactly

  • Discard all of the unlock code suppliers that ask you to call a number in order for you to receive your code; these are generally premium rate numbers that will cost you more.
  • Check that the site has transparent contact details and even give them a call to check if you’re unsure. This ensures that you have some recourse in the event that something should go wrong.
  • Check out eBay; plenty of online companies also sell their services through the auction site and it’s a good resource for checking what previous customers have said about the unlocking services.
  • Make sure that the unlock code supplier gives you a full, money-back guarantee in case your code doesn’t work.

This video will show you how to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Wildfire

All of the above will help to make sure that you eliminate any potentially shady suppliers and narrow down the reputable ones. Once you have settled on a supplier, it’s then just a case of supplying them with your IMEI number, country and network. You can find your IMEI number by keying in *#06# into your HTC Wildfire and it will be displayed on-screen. Make sure you write this number down correctly as it’s through this unique number that an unlock code will be generated.

Every phone has its own IMEI number and so the unlock code generated will be peculiar to each individual handset. As such, if you give your cell unlock code provider the wrong IMEI, you will get the incorrect unlock code; if this is entered into the phone more than three times, it could result in a hard-locked phone.

Once you have done all this and paid the fee, your mobile unlocking supplier will send you your HTC Wildfire unlock code and simple instructions, you carry them out and voila! An unlocked HTC Wildfire that can be used on any GSM network in the world.

Choose unlock.my to unlock your phone, because you don’t need any technical knowledge

We will be there to hold your hand through any technical problems you may encounter during the unlocking process, so you can rely on us because we’ve unlocked thousands of wildfires and we have the experience and knowledge to help you.


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