Best wireless plans for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

What are the Best wireless plans for the Samsung Galaxy S4
What are the Best wireless plans for the Samsung Galaxy S4

So what is the Best wireless plans for the Samsung Galaxy S 4?. After a year or two of dominance by Apple Samsung released the Galaxy smartphone and since then it has been a 2 way battle for supremacy between these two giants of the phone world. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest edition to the Galaxy range and is the best yet.

Thanks to its 5 inch Super AMOLED screen, vivid display and quad-core 1.9GHz processor, the S4 is every bit the match for the iPhone 5 and already a big seller in the Android market. Complete with 2 GB or RAM, the S4 packs a real punch if you are planning on using your for online gaming or watching movies, an impressive an thoroughly enjoyable experience is pretty much guaranteed.
However, it’s not just the phone you may want to give some serious thought to. Plans vary widely and as such, picking the right one could make the difference between huge bills arriving in the mail box and smaller monthly payments.

A run up of the best wireless plans for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

So, we have put together a few of the better plans that are available in a bid to making your decision just that little bit easier.

Ting – S Monthly plan $9:

This plan doesn’t come with much other than 100 minutes. Therefore it’s only a good option for users who only plan on using their shiny new Galaxy for calls, which does beg the question, why bother with a smartphone at all. Everything else costs extra and there is a flat fee of $596 upfront as well.

Metro PCS – Unlimited Talk, Text and data:

With an upfront fee of $549 this is a superb offer. Not only is everything unlimited, you aren’t on a contract so you can upgrade whenever you like. Unlimited data is essential for anyone who is planning on file sharing, downloading a lot of movies or playing online games. With this plan you can do all three with no large bills appearing in your mail box.

Sprint – Unlimited, My Way for Smartphone + 1GB data from Amazon Wireless $70:

Don’t fancy paying too much up front? Then this offer is worth considering. You do only get 1GB free data and the rest you pay for so you may want to give some thought to this first. However, the down payment is only $99.99 so you can get your Galaxy S4 without breaking the bank.
Whichever option you go for you should always look at the small print before purchasing any phone. Some will charge more than others for exceeding your allowance and some will also have better coverage in your area. Whichever option you eventually go for, have fun.