Best T-Mobile plan for the Sony Xperia Z

Best T-Mobile plan for the Sony Xperia Z
Best T-Mobile plan for the Sony Xperia Z

It would seem that the smartphone world, which has been dominated for so long by Samsung and Apple, finally has a new player to give them some serious competition. The Sony Xperia Z is a beauty to behold and is packed with enough great features to attract the eye of even the most ardent Apple fan.

As well as all of the great features that you would expect from a smartphone, its main three selling points are that it’s tough, waterproof and dustproof.

Is the Sony Xperia Z Waterproof?

The Xperia has been tested to make sure it can stand being dropped in your coffee or your beer should that ever happen. So, if like me, you can’t seem to go five minutes without claiming for water damage, this is worth its weight in gold.


The Xperia can also take a good pounding which is ideal if you like to go out partying and you drop your phone often, or indeed if you work in a hardy profession where your screen is in danger of breaking.

Dust proof

For me, the dust proof aspect isn’t so important, however, if you are the type who exposes your phone to all matter dusty environments, again it’s worth a look.

So what is the Best T-Mobile plan for the Sony Xperia Z?

The Xperia Z is powered by a Snapdragon 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Quad core CPU so it’s got all the power you need to enjoy uninterrupted gaming, movie watching and downloading as well. There is also 443 pixels PSI and a 1080display to boot. Add to this the wonderful array of features that come with it and it all adds up to make this one of the best phones available today and the crowning achievement for Sony. All that remains is to pick a plan and you’re good to go.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of data $50:

Personally I would choose this option as there are far too many cool internet related activities that you can enjoy on this phone. If, however, you only want to use it for calls, messaging and the odd 5 minutes on Facebook, it’s worth considering. This is a monthly plan and the handset is $529.99 upfront.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text and 2.5GB of data $60:

Exactly the same as the first plan but with an extra 2gig of data. This plan is handy if you like to download the odd tune and spend a lot of time on social networking sites. It won’t cut it though if you plan on downloading movies or doing a lot of gaming online.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text and unlimited 4G data $70:

This is the plan for those online gamers and fans of downloading plenty of movies to your phone. Everything is unlimited so there is no fear of any shock bills arriving in the mailbox. There is a $49.99 fee and the contract is for 24 months.

Whichever plan you go for you should look carefully at both the costs, and any costs which you may incur if you exceed you monthly allowance.