Best mobile plans for the Apple iPhone 5S

Best mobile plans for the Apple iPhone 5S
Best mobile plans for the Apple iPhone 5S

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Best mobile plans for the Apple iPhone 5S

For many mobile phone lovers the Apple iPhone is still the must have piece of technology. Now in its 4th year, the iPhone has gone from strength to strength thanks to innovative technology and an app store that competes with everything that is available from Android.

The iPhone 5S is no exception to the range. As well as looking the part the iPhone 5S is 4G ready and so when the technology become available in your area, you are good to go. Complete with 16GB of storage, the 5 has a stunning 4 inch display that is still the best on the market today. Trust me, the Retina display is still the one to beat and has to be seen to be believed.

Weighing in at just 112 grams, it’s a little lighter than most of its competitors, however, it still feels strong and sturdy to hold. The battery life is around 225 hours on standby and you can get around 7 hours talk time on 3G.

It has an 8 megapixel camera, HD up to 30 frames per second and has plenty of great camera features to enjoy for hours on end.

If you are thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 5S all that remains is to pick the right plan and you are good to go.

Virgin beyond Talk monthly plan £35:

This plan comes with 300 minutes and unlimited data and is great value for money. Few smartphones come with unlimited data for anywhere near that price so this is definitely worth considering. The first 2.5 GB is at 3G speed and your allowance will give you about 10 minutes a day. There is a $549 upfront fee and it’s a monthly plan so you are free to upgrade as soon as the next model becomes available, should you want to.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text and 500 MB of data $50:

This option is more for those who are likely to put the emphasis on calls and not going on line. 500 MB won’t go very far at all so you should avoid this if you plan on downloading movies or gaming online. You do, however, get unlimited minutes and that means you can call all of your Android loving friends explaining exactly why your phone is better. The phone costs $524 after rebate and it is a monthly plan.

Cricket $50 iPhone plan:

If you like to spend more time with your phone than your girlfriend then this is the option for you. It’s all unlimited so just sit back, get World of Warcraft Armory on and forget about the rest of the world. You can make as many calls as you want and text until your heart is content. There is an upfront fee of $599.99 and it’s a monthly plan so you’re not tied into anything.