Best mobile phone plans compared for the HTC One

Best mobile phone plans compared for the HTC One
Best mobile phone plans compared for the HTC One

What is the best mobile phone plans compared for the HTC One? In recent years, all of the main carriers have had to change the plans they offer mobile users. As phones have evolved, as to have the plans that are available. The reason for this is that consumers rarely buy cell phones with the sole objective of using them for calls and messaging.

Smartphones are now perfect for a range of internet related activities. From downloading movies and music, to file sharing and conference calling, there is always something you can be doing online.
Some users will use the smartphone to send the odd e-mail and to update their status on their favourite social networking site, while others like to play online games for hours on end.

What this means in real terms is that some users can get by with a very small data allowance, whereas others, will need a large, or even unlimited data allowance as part of their contract or monthly plan.

Review of the HTC One

If you are planning on getting a new handset you can do a lot worse than the HTC one. Aesthetically, the HTC is probably the most stunning phone available today. With its smooth aluminium finish it feel great in your hand and is a joy to hold.

Compared to the latest models from Samsung and Apple it’s a tiny bit heavier, but that is a good thing as it feels strong and sturdy. Powered by a Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 GHz CPU the One is easily able to keep up with the other big players and when you add the 4.7 inch screen, it’s a joy for all things internet based from watching movies to gaming.

Packed full of features such as the great Zoe function that allows you to take pictures and then turn them into one moving image, this phone is quite possibly the best on the market and is worth a second look.

So what is the best mobile phone plans for the HTC One

Ting S Monthly Plan $9 per month:

This plan is cool if you’re not planning on using your handset too often. With 100 minutes you can make the odd call. Everything else costs extra though so not a good idea if you’re going to be surfing the net for hours on end. The down payment is £503 and it’s a monthly plan.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of data $50:

If you like to make a lot of calls and messages but don’t use too much on the way of data this plan is for you. Everything is unlimited except the data which gives you a 500MB allowance. There are smaller allowances but if you plan on going online at all I wouldn’t go any lower as it won’t long at all. There is a $603 down payment on the handset but it is a monthly plan so you can upgrade whenever you look.

Sprint Unlimited, My Way for Smartphone + Unlimited data from Amazon Wireless:

This is the one for you if you spend more time with your phone than with your family. It’s all unlimited so anything goes as you game, download and call your friends to tell them all about your awesome new phone. Definitely worth considering if you are happy with a 2 year contract. Even better, there is only a $49.99 down payment.