Best cellular plans with 4G from T-Mobile [what are they?]

How to choose the Best cellular plans with 4G from T-Mobile
How to choose the Best cellular plans with 4G from T-Mobile

If your mobile plan is up for renewal you may be wondering what the best cellular plans with 4G from T-Mobile is. Or if you are considering buying a new smartphone the chances are you will be a heavy data user. The days of using a cell for making the odd call are long gone and most people are likely to use a phone to check their favorite social networking site, download movies and songs and even play advanced online games.

Cell phone plan usage is changing

While this has been possible for a few years now, the invention of 4G technology has made it even better with superior internet speeds that allow users to file share, download and enjoy most internet activities without the frustration that comes with a poor connection.

Thankfully, the big leading manufacturers are now making handsets that are 4G ready, have vivid displays and larger screens to make the whole experience even more enjoyable. If you’re with T-Mobile and you’re considering a new smartphone, here are a few options that are 4G ready which you may want to consider. Each plan is either a 24 month contract or pay monthly.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 – Simple Choice, Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited Data $70:

Everything is unlimited with this plan so you can enjoy everything from online gaming to downloading for hours and hours.  There is a $603.99 upfront charge but with no contract, you are free to upgrade any time you want.
Apple iPhone 5 – Simple Choice Unlimited Calls, Texts and 2.5GM of data $60:

This is another monthly plan and the upfront fee is $549.99. The plan is a good one, however, you are limited to 2.5GB of data so you need to be careful if you use the net a lot. It’s OK for reading e-mails and checking social networks, however, any online gaming and your allowance will be gone before you can say World of Warcraft!

HTC One Simple Choice, Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited Data $70:

Again, everything is unlimited and the upfront fee is only $99.99 after rebate so for a small fee you can be surfing the net today. It does come with a 24 month contract though so you will be tied in should you decide to go for this option.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Simple Choice, Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited Data $90:

This plan isn’t cheap but there is only a $99.99 fee after rebate. If you are happy to pay $549.99 upfront you can go for an option that is $20 less per month so that is worth considering as well.

Whichever phone you opt for its important to consider data allowance. More than ever, users are using smartphones for the internet and downloading and you won’t want a plan that is insufficient. Charges for exceeding data allowance can be very expensive and should be avoided whenever possible. It’s not just the smartphone that is important, the plan you use is equally important so have a good look at each contract and discuss it with an expert before diving in head first.