Month: July 2012

Unlocking Blackberry Pearl, how to

To get the unlock code for free, try going through your network service provider. If you have been a long standing customer of theirs then the chances are they will give you the code for nothing and may even offer to unlock the handset for you in store. However if they aren’t willing to help, then you will need to source the code from a third party vender. These are websites that buy the codes from the manufacturers and sell them on to people who can’t get them through their network. They can buy the codes for next to nothing so you should expect to have to pay a lot for the code.

Unlock Sony Ericsson K800i: [advice]

One thing that doesn’t differ among the K800 range however is the restrictions placed on the handsets to restrict them to use on only one network, the one the handset was purchased on. But its never been easier to change that, with the simple use of an unlock code, the restrictions can be removed and the phone can be open to use on any mobile network. The best part is, unlocking a phone is completely legal and increases the resale value of the phone, and is usually free to do!

Unlock codes for a Samsung Intercept: top tips

The Samsung SPH-M910, better known as the Samsung Intercept smartphone was released by Samsung in 2010, and runs on the popular Android operating software. It boasts a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, fast internet browsing and access to thousands of apps and games on the Android market. this article will tell you how to get Unlock codes for a Samsung Intercept mobile.